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Environmental issues call upon citizens, organizations, and other agencies to grasp complex science concepts, address conflicting human values, and make difficult economic, political and ethical choices. The three curricular options in Environmental Studies—the majors in Environmental Policy and Environmental Science and the concentration in Environmental Studies—are designed to prepare students to deal effectively with these issues by integrating perspectives and methodologies from the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the arts and humanities.

The program is administered by the Center for Environmental Studies (CES), located in Class of 1966 Environmental Center. Founded in 1967, CES was one of the first environmental studies programs at a liberal arts college. In addition to the academic program described below, CES is the focus of a varied set of activities in which students lead and participate, often with other members of the Williams community. CES offers extensive resources including databases, GIS facilities, and funding for student–initiated activities, summer research and internships. The Center administers the Hopkins Memorial Forest, a 2600–acre natural area northwest of campus, where field–study sites, a laboratory, and passive–recreation opportunities may be found in all seasons. CES also operates the Environmental Analysis Laboratory in Morley Science Center.

The Environmental Studies Program

Senior Majors and Concentrators 2016

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The Center for Environmental Studies (CES) is one of the oldest environmental programs at a liberal arts college and now encompasses two majors—one in environmental policy and the other in environmental science—and a concentration in environmental studies. The program is interdisciplinary and includes hands-on learning as well as theoretical research.

Graduates of the environmental studies program have diverse careers from nonprofits and policy to science research and advocacy. CES provides career and summer internship advice to students as well as connections to our active environmental studies alumni network. Additionally, CES offers summer grant funding for students.

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Department News

Pam Chasek on “The UN Sustainable Development Goals”

On Friday, January 22nd, Pam Chasek, Professor of Government at Manhattan College and co-founder of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, spoke at Log Lunch. Pam’s presentation, entitled, “From the MDGs to the SGDs: A Discussion of the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable...

“Development and Environmental Trade Offs in Cambodia and Vietnam”

On January 15th, students at the Center for Developmental Economics, Navy Hort of Cambodia, Nhung Thi Cam Nguyen and Quy Duy Ta of Vietnam spoke at Log Lunch. All of the speakers shared interesting and inspiring stories focused around development...

What Problem Do You Want To Solve?

On Friday, January 8th, Isaac Maze Rothstein visited the Log for the first Log Lunch of 2016! Isaac graduated from Williams in 2014 with a major in Political Science and a concentration in Environmental Studies.  Isaac now works for Greentown...

Mark Paul on “Community Supported Agriculture and Sustainable Farm Livelihoods.”

On Friday, November 20th, Professor Mark Paul of the University of Massachusetts Amherst spoke during log lunch on ideas focused on CSA’s and their economic value. Paul came from a food-focused background. He attended culinary school then worked as a...

Williams Students’ Perspectives on Climate COP21 in Paris

Throughout the Fall 2015 semester, students in Global Environmental Politics (ENVI/PSCI328), a seminar taught by Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Pia Kohler, have been studying international environmental law, with a special eye towards the Paris Climate Summit that opened on...

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