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CES logoEnvironmental issues call upon citizens, organizations, and other agencies to grasp complex science concepts, address conflicting human values, and make difficult economic, political and ethical choices. The three curricular options in Environmental Studies—the majors in Environmental Policy and Environmental Science and the concentration in Environmental Studies—are designed to prepare students to deal effectively with these issues by integrating perspectives and methodologies from the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the arts and humanities. Read more about CES

Department News

Katie Constantini ’16 et al. on The EcoFellowship Experience: How CET is training the next generation of environmental leaders

On Friday, February 10th, five fellows from the Center for EcoTechnology (CET) spoke to the log lunch crowd. CET is a forty-year-old non-profit located in Pittsfield, Northampton, and Springfield that works with residents, businesses, contractors, and communities in Massachusetts, promoting...

Don Carlson ’83 on Sustainable Investing

On January 13, 2017, Don Carlson spoke to the Log Lunch crowd about sustainable investing. With the incoming administration antagonistic toward environmental regulation, Carlson’s work—mobilizing the private sector to accomplish environmental good—has become more important than ever. Carlson, who went...

Carmen Montoya on “Ghana Think Tank: Turning the Tables on Climate Change”

How do you prevent the huge amounts of waste generated by current party culture?

Sophie Robinson on “The Age of Consequences”

At Log Lunch, Sophie spoke about the film, The Age of Consequences, focused on how climate change impacts national security and stability. Sophie became involved in the movie making process after growing tired of working with grassroots activism.  She was...

Steve Hubbard on “How it Pays to Go Green”

On October 28th Williams graduate Steve Hubbard discussed “How it Pays to Go Green” at the weekly Log Lunch.  Hubbard laid out what he considers: Renewable Energy Tax Credits 101.  He reiterated that shutting down every power plant and polluting...
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