Center for Environmental Studies

Advising and Advisors

Students interested in pursuing a major or concentration sponsored by CES should seek advising from program faculty as early as possible. Students who decide to major in either Environmental Policy or Environmental Science are required to identify a track through the major and a faculty advisor from the list below at the time of declaration. Both the advisor’s signature and that of the Director of the Center for Environmental studies are required on the Major Declaration Form.

Advisors for 2013-14

  • Political Economy: Ralph Bradburd, Darel Paul
  • Political Theory and Law: Sarah Gardner, Pia Kohler, Darel Paul
  • Society & Culture: Nick Howe
  • Environmental Biology: Henry Art, Lois Banta, Manuel Morales, David C. Smith, Claire Ting
  • Environmental Chemistry: Dieter Bingemann, David Richardson, Jay Thoman
  • Environmental Geoscience: David Dethier, Markes Johnson, Paul Karabinos