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Julian Hadley on Using Fungi Polymers to Replace Plastic

Julian Hadley with Sample in the Log

Julian Hadley, an ecologist at Ecovative Design, came to Log Lunch on October 10 to discuss the possibilities of replacing traditional Styrofoam packaging with fungi alternatives. Hadley is a plant and forest ecologist based in eastern New York. With a background of researching spruce decline and ecosystem-level processes in the Northeast, Hadley joined Ecovative in

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Amy Ando ’90 1960 Scholars Lecture on Environmental Investments

Amy Ando '90

Amy Ando ’90, professor at the University of Urbana-Champlain, traveled back on Williams on October 2 to give a 1960 Scholars Lecture entitled, “How Should We Make Environmental Investments When the Future Climate is Uncertain?” Ando is a professor in the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Economics, and her research focuses on natural resource economics,

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Dr. Jeremy Martin on Clean Cars

Jeremy Martin in the Log

Dr. Jeremy Martin, Senior Scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Clean Vehicles Program, came from Washington D.C. on September 26 to speak about clean cars at Log Lunch. Dr. Martin is a graduate of Haverford College with a B.A. in Chemistry and English Literature and holds a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology.

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Williams Students at the People’s Climate March

Helen Song '14, Meghan Rowe '14, Molly Pickel '15, Alice Stears '15, Lucy Page '16

On Sunday, September 21, 78 Williams students and three professors woke up at 5 a.m., loaded into vans, drove to a station in Westchester, and took a train into New York City. We joined thousands of other people from all around the world who descended on the city for the People’s Climate March. World leaders met

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James Manwell on Wind Energy Resistance in New England and Beyond

James F. Manwell

James F. Manwell, professor and director of the Wind Energy Center at UMass Amherst, gave a log lunch presentation on September 19 about wind energy in New England. Having worked in the field for over 30 years, Manwell has published over 200 journal articles and a textbook on the subject, Wind Energy Explained: Theory, Design, and Application.

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Stephen Polasky ’79 on “Conserving while Developing: Natural Capital in South Africa”

Stephen Polasky ’79 is an Ecological/Environmental Economics Professor at the University of Minnesota. Additionally, he is on the Board of Directors and Science Council of The Nature Conservancy as well as the Director of the Natural Capital Project. Polasky spoke at Log Lunch and had a seminar with the Class of 1960s scholars on May

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Paul de Konkoly Thege ’14 on “Ocean-Climate Dynamics: Using Carbon-14 to Reconstruct Past Ocean Circulation in the Bering Sea”

Paul de Konkoly Thege '14

Environmental Science major, Paul de Konkoly Thege ’14 presented his senior thesis research at log lunch on April 25, 2014. His research was focused on studying ocean circulation to learn more about rapid climate change. De Konkoly Thege first explained the two basic types of ocean circulation: surface ocean circulation and deep ocean circulation. Surface

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2014 Earth Week


Carbon Emissions Awareness For Earth Week, a group of students made an art display in Paresky to show the volume of carbon emitted by a member of the Williams College community per day. Michael Klare on “The Carbon Curse: Resisting the Addictive Lure of Fossil Fuels” On April 22, 2014, Michael Klare, Professor of Peace

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Matt Silver ’01 on “Cambrian Innovation: Biology for a Cleaner Planet”

Matt Silver '01

Matt Silver ’01 is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cambrian Innovation. Cambrian Innovation was founded in 2006, while Silver was attending MIT, as a solution-oriented technology company that works with corporate, government, and agricultural clients. While at Williams, Silver majored in Astrophysics and Art History and continued his education at MIT, receiving a

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Jen Lazar ’04 and Annie Moore ’04 on “The Field Academy: Starting a School that Makes Life and Learning Indistinguishable”

Annie Moore '01 (left) and Jen Lazar '01 (right)

Jen Lazar ’04 is a co-founder, program consultant, and facilitator of the Field Academy, an educational program that seeks “to connect, engage, empower, and educate young people from across the United States in order to inspire enduring learning and create a just and healthy world.” Lazar along with Annie Moore ’04, Interim Executive Director, spoke

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