Honors in Environmental Studies

Honors in Environmental Studies (Major or Concentration)

Candidates for honors in Environmental Studies will complete a thesis in their senior year. A student earns honors by successfully completing a rigorous independent project under the supervision of a member of the CES faculty. The thesis may either be a one-semester plus winter study project, or a full year project (two semesters plus winter study). Honors will be awarded on the basis of the academic merit and originality demonstrated by the student in the completed thesis.

Because many theses will require sustained field, laboratory or archival work that is difficult to combine with conventional coursework, students are strongly encouraged to spend the summer before senior year and/or their senior year Winter Study doing honors research. Funds to support student research are available from endowment funds of the CES, and an open competition is held each spring to allocate summer funding resources. Some other departments also provide limited support for summer thesis research. Students and their faculty sponsors should plan the thesis with the expectation of such research in mind.

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