Winter Study

Winter Study courses play an important role in the program, offering opportunities to experiment in fields unfamiliar to the student, and for interdisciplinary topics to be developed by faculty working alone and in teams. Students are urged to review each year’s Winter Study offerings bearing in mind their interests in the environment.

The Winter Study Program offers students the opportunity to enroll in a single course for an intensive four-week term. Students may choose to explore subject areas that do not fit into their major course of study, or to enroll in a course that complements their academic program. Students may also opt to spend the Winter Study period conducting research for their senior theses or working on independently designed projects.

Students are required to participate in Winter Study during all four years of their enrollment at the College. Many Winter Study courses are offered away from the Williams campus, both within the United States and abroad. First year students are required to spend Winter Study on campus.

The course offerings for Winter Study vary each year, with courses offered by all departments. All courses are offered on a pass/fail basis.

Recent Course Offerings

*Courses change each year

  • The Winter Naturalist’s Journal (ENVI 10)
  • Wendell Berry and Agrarianism (ENVI 11)
  • Landscape Photography (ENVI 12/ GEOS 12)
  • United States Environmental Law: Its Historic Roots, Its Uncertain Future (ENVI 13/LGST 13)
  • Green Design Workshop and LEED Certification Course (ENVI 14)
  • Get Focused and Step It Up-Climate Change Activism (ENVI 15)
  • Sustainable Eleuthra: Energy, Environment and Economic Development, January (ENVI 25)
  • Exploring Trade Justice (ANTH 26/ECON 26/ ENVI 26/LATS 26/PSCI 26)
  • Senior Research and Thesis (ENVI 31)


Current Course Offerings