Confronting Climate Change with Elizabeth Kolbert

Confronting Climate Change (24min) with Elizabeth Kolbert, Van Jones, James Hansen, Bill McKibben, Rob Nixon, Maxine Burkett, Stephen Gardiner and Mark Tercek. Produced by Sarah Gardner. Directed by Dave Simonds. Journalist Elizabeth Kolbert hosts a searching conversation with leading environmentalists. The Williams College Center for Environmental Studies was… Continue reading »

2014 Earth Week

Carbon Emissions Awareness For Earth Week, a group of students made an art display in Paresky to show the volume of carbon emitted by a member of the Williams College community per day. Michael Klare on “The Carbon Curse: Resisting the Addictive Lure of Fossil Fuels”… Continue reading »

Karen Weinberg on “Ethical Farming, Ethical Food”

Karen Weinberg owns and operates a sheep farm named 3 Corner Field Farm, with her husband, Paul Borghard, and their two daughtes. Their farm started in 2000 and raises sheep which in turn provide yogurt, cheese products, fiber, and meat. Weinberg spoke about the challenges of meeting the desires of… Continue reading »

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