Log Lunch

Local Food and Spiritual Health

Hanna Saltzman, Williams class of 2012, spoke of the spiritual dimensions of local food to a fascinated log lunch crowd on April 27th. Hanna’s yearlong thesis explores the assumption that local food is healthy food: “People believe it to such an extent that they take it as common sense.” There… Continue reading »

Invasions in the Sea

About 5,000 to 7,000 species are currently in motion around the world in the ballast water of cargo ships. For the last lecture of this spring’s Oceans Symposium, James T. Carlton, director of the Williams Mystic Program, described the effects of these invasive species on the Atlantic Coast, and throughout… Continue reading »

Oberlander Pioneers Sustainable Landscape Architecture

“Landscape Architecture Needs You!” cried Nina Antonetti, Professor of Landscape Studies at Smith, at March 9th’s log lunch. Antonetti made an appealing case for liberal arts students to consider landscape architecture, but her real story was about one very talented individual: Cornelia Hahn Oberlander. Oberlander, winner of the International Jellicoe… Continue reading »

Land Trusts 101

Donald Campbell, the Southwest Regional Director for the Vermont Land Trust, pickle-maker enthusiast, and Williams College alum, provided his log lunch audience with his version of “Land Trusts 101” on April 5th. Land Trusts are meant to preserve land for society’s future needs, in terms of community and economy, thereby… Continue reading »

A Sea Change

On February 27th, as part of the interdepartmental Oceans Symposium, students, faculty and Williamstown residents gathered to view a “A Sea Change: Imagine a World Without Fish,” followed by a question and answer session with Elizabeth Kolbert. Kolbert is a staff writer for The New Yorker and a visiting professor… Continue reading »

Facing Uncertainty with Art and Design

On March 2, Aron Chang discussed the fusion and confusion between art and design, one that he believes needs to be “picked at more.” Chang graduated from Williams in 2005, majoring in studio art and German, before going to design school to study architecture. Whereas Chang felt an almost frustrating… Continue reading »

Tod Holland Not Using Energy at Williams

“This will be the worst presentation you’ve ever seen,” began Tod Holland, the Energy Conservation Project Manager from the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives. He was wrong. Holland presented a funny, realistic, and optimistic story of Williams carbon, conservation, and cogeneration past, present, and future. Since he signed on at… Continue reading »

Ronadh Cox’s Boulder Ideas

How did a 78-ton boulder travel 17 miles above high water, 130 meters inland? Ronadh Cox, a beloved and energetic professor from the Williams Geosciences department, hit off the second lecture of the Williams Oceans Symposium with a discussion of her “Boulder Ideas.” Since 2008, Cox and her students have… Continue reading »