"Environmental Planning Workshop" Final Reports and Presentations

Environmental Planning Workshop (ENVI 402) is the upper-level experiential project-based course in the Environmental Studies Program.

Environmental Planning Workshop Final Reports Fall 2022

          • Net Zero Williamstown PresentationReport/ Presentation 
          • Gracie Guidotti, Maria Avrantini, Alana Lopez Barro Rivera
          • Here Comes The Sun:  Solar Siting for Williams’ Electricity Production Report/ Presentation
          • Isabelle Zollinger, Cole Whitehouse, Caroline Ro
          • Aquaponics feasibility at Greylock Works Report/ Presentation
          • Maddie Annis, Rheanna Fleming, Jonah Tobin
          • Envisioning Williamstown 2035 Comprehensive Plan Outreach Report/ Presentation
          • Sean Morrissey, Tali Natter, Li Platz, Rwick Sarkar
          • The Search for a Food Bank Farm.  Assessing Farmland Viability in Berkshire County Presentation
          • Ajay Chatha, Jahnavi Kirtane, Lydia von Schwanenfluegel, Christina Zhou

Environmental Planning Workshop Final Reports Fall 2021

      • Regional Beef for Williams Dining: The Quest for B(Eph): Sourcing from Local Farms
        Lyza Berg, Huijun Huang, Quincy Powers – Report/Presentation
      • Williamstown Lawns-to-Meadows
        Sam Holmes, Aaron Stanton Report/Presentation
      • The Mt. Greylock Reservation Transit Feasibility Plan
        Claudia Inanelli, Alex Park – Report/Presentation
      • Low-Density Development in Williamstown
        Regina Fink, Annika Harrington – Report/Presentation
      • Envisioning The Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership Forest Center
        Sabrine Brismeur, Abigail Matheny – Report/Presentation
      • Morningside & Westside in Pittsfield, MA: A Historical Perspective
        Clarissa Dominguez, Nate Orluk Report/Presentation
      • Showcasing Pownal with the Pownal Historical Society
        Lilia Robinowitz, Olivia White – Report/Presentation

Environmental Planning Workshop Final Reports Fall 2020

      • Racial History of Williamstown. Katie Orringer and Morgan Dauk – Presentation/Report
      • North Berkshire Food Bank Farm Project.  Wyndom Chace and Maya Spalding-Fecher – Presentation/Report
      • Williamstown Cannabis Cultivation Business Plan.  Rosa Kirk-Davidoff and Davis Collison – Presentation/Report
      • Farm to Food Access Organization Buying Exchange:  Berkshire County.  Sarah Levitt and Olivia Gomez –Presentation/ Report
      • Historic Trolley Line Conversion to Multi-use Path.  Petra Baldwin, Henry Newell, Mohammad Memfis –Presentation /Report
      • Williamstown Farmland Project.  Elizabeth Bigham, Juan Rebolledo, Nicholas Sommer – Presentation/Report 
      • Williamstown:  Working Toward Zero Waster.  Kelly Martin and Niku Darafshi – Presentation/Report

Environmental Planning Workshop Final Reports Fall 2019

      • North Adams Complete Streets.  Sofia Barandiaran, Julia Gunther,  Del Rose Hooker Newball , Cristina Mancilla – Report/ Presentation
      • Future of North Adams Waste Management.  Emma Ticknor, Summer-Solstice Thomas, Jacob Huelskamp, Austin Huang –  Report/Presentation 
      • Greening Prospect.  Anna Bruce, Hannah Goldstein, Madeline Rawson, Alison Robey, and Matthew Wiseman –Report/Presentation
      • Greening the Grid. Megan Powell, Evan Wright, Louisa Ebby, and Danielle Moore –  Report/Presentation
      • Protecting Hopkins Memorial Forest:  An Evaluation of Conservation Alternatives.  Emily Elder, Anna Lietman, Ivy Spiegel-Ostrom, and Ingrid Thyr – Report 
      • Can Money Grow on Trees?: A Path to Carbon Trading in Williamstown, MA.  Adrienne Joe, Ariel Koltun-Fromm, Jared Strauss,& Rachel Porter Report
      • So Much Ephing Land:  Considering Williams’s Resources. Allie Campbell, Amber Lee, Emma Levy, Jesus Payan, Hallie Whitmore Report

Environmental Planning Workshop Final Reports Fall 2018

      • Berlin Mountain Recreation Area. William Keating, Shauna Sullivan, Andrew West – Report/Presentation
      • Planning for Economic Development in Lanesborough:  Build-out Analysis and Recommendations. Kristen Bayrakdarian, Korinna Garfield, Jessica Munoz – Report/Presentation
      • Farm to School in North Adams.  Carmen Saab, Ang Sherpa, Marcos Soto – Report/Presentation/Toolkit
      • Reevaluation, Development, and Community Outreach on Pittsfield’s West Side.  Annie Rush, Rainer Wasinger, Rachel Hurst – Report/Presentation
      • Westside Riverway Park:  History, Culture and Environmentalism in Pittsfield’s West Side Neighborhood.  Sean Dory, Caroline Weinberg – Report/Presentation

Envi 411 Environmental Planning Fall 2017

      • North Adams Renewable Energy Action Plan.  Jane Tekin, Chris Washington, Conor Dunham – report/Presentation
      • Pollinator Protection in Williamstown, MA.  Molly Knoedler, Natasha Baranow, Kathryn Dix – Report/Presesntation
      • Pownal Superfund Recreational Reuse Plan.  Kathryn Cunningham, Natalie DiNenno, Johanna Wassermann – Report/Presentation
      • Roots Rising Food Truck Feasibility Study.  Maddie Downs, Jackson Johns, Sarah Ladouceur – Report/Presentation

Environmental Planning Fall 2016

      • Determining an Apple Supply for the Greylock WORKS Cider Lab. Becky McClements, William Schmidt, Steven Yannacone –report/presentation
      • Williamstown, MA Build-Out Analysis. Erica Chang, Margaret Peard, Jamie Ruggiero – report/presentation
      • From Airfield to Amphitheaters:  Mt. Greylock High School Outdoor Placemaking Project Sarah Cooperman, Michael Ding, Sasha Langesfeld, Roshny Vijayakar Report/Presentation
      • Pittsfield TDI Data Collection and Anaylsis  Report/Presentation

Environmental Planning Fall 2015

      • A River Runs Through It:Reconnecting the North Branch of the Hoosic River and North Adams. Katie Aguila, Caroline Beckmann, Miguel Méndez, Allie Rowe – report/presentation
      • Back to Our Agricultural Roots: Invasive Management, Visitor Engagement, and Local Partnership at the Clark Art Museum. Nigel Bates, Sofia Roitman, Sophia Schmidt, Chris Stefanik – report/presentation
      • Planning the Greylock Mills Rooftop Greenhouse: A Community Food Project. Katie Costantini, Brett Bidstrup, Ali Hill, Jack Ryan, and Alex Schidlovsky – report/presentation
      • Stream Crossings: Continuity at the Junction of Two Linear Ecosystems. Arnie Capute, Krystina Lincoln, Michaela Levine, Martin Strenk – report/presentation
      • Williamstown Bike Path. Brendan Bossidy,  Nikki Caravelli, Annie Tewksbury, Grace Weatherall – report/presentation

Environmental Planning Fall 2014

      • The Vision of Greylock Market: A Focus on Aesthetics, Functionality, and Environmental Sustainability. Luke Pierce, Anna Epstein, Erica Bucki and Haley Ladd-Luthringshauser report/presentation
      • Community Health and Wellness:  A Plan to Improve the North Adams Trail System. Caroline Bruno, Molly Prindle, and Tom Murphy report/presentation
      • Habitat Mapping & Conservation Prioritization, Williamstown, MA. Annie Hayner, Adie Mitchell and Andrew Nemeth report/presentation
      • Claiming the Williams Riverfront:  A Cole Field Bike Path and Riverwalk Accessibility Study.  Julie Jung, MaryKate O’Brien, Claire Swingle, and Hannah Van Wetter report/presentation

Environmental Planning Fall 2013

      • A Future for Farming: Farmland Leasing in Adams and Williamstown.
        Nick Kraus, Julieanne Fontana, Jamie Dickhaus, Isaac Maze-Rothstein – report/presentation
      • Ephraim Williams Had a Farm: An Agricultural Plan for College Land.
        Lucy Bergwall, Sara Clark, Eirann Cohen, David Kruger – report/presentation
      • Paved-In in North Adams: Parking Utilization and Development Solutions.
        Ben Corwin, Paul de Konkoly Thege, Jessica Luning, Dan Zilkha – report/presentation
      • Spruces Land Re-Use Plan.
        Bethany Dixon, Sarah Meyerhoff, Katy Newcomer, Paul Taylor – report/presentation
      • Williamstown Open Space and Recreation Plan.
        Molly Pickel, Jackson Scher, Kiah Walker, Robert Yang – report/presentation
      • Environmental Planning Fall 2012

      • The Berkshire Regional Energy Plan.
        Cedar Blazek, Lucie Coleman, Zoe Grueskin, Chie Togami – report/presentation
      • Keep Berkshire Farming: Food System Study of Institutions, Distributors, Stores and Processors.
        Sara Finkle, Dana Golden, Robin Hackett, Andrea Lindsay, Sonja Thalheimer – report/presentation
      • Disaster Relief and Affordable Housing in Williamstown.
        Alexandra Carr, Zara Currimjee, Karina Hofstee, Carly Schulman – report/presentation
      • North Adams Open Space and Recreation Plan: Promoting a Healthier City.
        Claire Baecher, Vera Cecelski, Taylor Nutting, Helen Song – report/presentation

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