Angela Tang '18 on: "Sensing Place at the Clark Art Institute

Angela Tang '18 presenting at Log Lunch

Angela Tang ’18 presenting at Log Lunch

As a recipient of the Williams College Center for Environmental Studies summer grants, Angela Tang, class of 2018, worked with Hank Art at his Sensing Place exhibit at the Clark Art Museum.  At first glance, Angela shared, it does not seem like an art exhibition.  It is very much history and nature.  The exhibit proved that science can resonate and speak as art as well.  The Sensing Place exhibit was a factual display of the history of the area in art form.  During her presentation, Angela took the Log Lunch audience on a short, virtual tour of the exhibition.  Angela worked as both a tour guide and interpreter for the exhibit.  She was is very thankful for the experience.

“ I found my place” – Angela Tang