Bicycling: America’s Economic Salvation

Climate change, energy supply, and obesity are three major dilemmas in America today. As a prominent cyclist, commentator, and activist, Richard Fries believes that creating an American bike culture could be a big part of the solution. Forty percent of all trips are two miles or less, but 99 percent of Americans choose cars for these bikeable commutes. Fries observes that the bicycle industry will not increase its “mode share” until the industry has increased its “mind share.” According to Fries, marketing bicycles requires sexy advertising that appeals to the public’s economic and cultural sensibilities. Richard Fries is now working with Bikes Belong in pursuit of a bicycle future. Bikes Belong lobbies for the bike industry, runs ad campaigns, and funds community grants for bike-related projects.

Richard Fries (right) with Todd Holland, Williams Energy Conservation Project Manager