Cedar Blazek '13: Creating Better Buildings

October 19th, 2018

Cedar Blazek ’13 gave a talk at Log Lunch last Friday about why energy efficiency in buildings matters. Buildings use 40% of the country’s energy, and while advances have been made in renewable energy sources to power large buildings, it is more logical to think about ways of reducing energy consumption before devising methods of offsetting that consumption.

Sarah Gardner with Cedar Blazek

Cedar told log-lunchers about her path to working at the U.S. Department of Energy. She was an environmental studies major at Williams, active in the environmental groups on campus and QSU. She went to Eleuthera, Bahamas, with Sarah Gardner for a winter study on agriculture, did Winter Blitz, and enjoyed geosciences classes.

After graduating, Cedar went to work for the Center of EcoTechnology in Pittsfield, followed by a science and technology policy fellowship at the Oak Ridge Institute for Higher Education. Then, seeking a job with a big impact, she moved back to Colorado, her home state, to work for the federal government’s energy sector, which can be challenging in its bureaucratic facets.


—-Jane Tekin ’19