Environmental Planning Group Presents: Williamstown Pollinators

Recently, Williamstown became a pollinator-friendly community. Professor Sarah Gardner’s Environmental Planning class did a project on the measures Williamstown can take to protect pollinators: not just bees, but all insects, which have an effect on pollination.

(from left) Prof. Gardner with a petition to make Williams a bee-friendly college, Molly Knoedler, Katy Dix, and Tasha Baranow

But the two main culprits for the decline in pollinators’ populations are chemical usage and habitat destruction. This has mostly to do with New England’s lawn obsession: fertilizers, herbicides, excessive mowing and leaf-blowing, etc. All for aesthetic purposes, these activities have to be regulated for the more important goal of protecting the animals that allow us to grow food and their habitats.



— Jane Tekin ’19