How to Score a Fulfilling Job in Sustainability with Eban Goodstein, '82

Director of the Bard College Graduate Program in Sustainability, Eban Goodstein ’82, gave students career advice at the most recent log lunch.

He urged students to get outside of the purple bubble in order to figure out which job in the sustainability sector is right for them: “You can’t learn about sustainability in the abstract. Try to find opportunities that will allow you to learn by experience.”

He also told us the degree options at Bard Center for Environmental Policy: M.S. Environmental Policy, M.S. Climate Policy, M.Ed. Environmental Education, M.B.A. in Sustainability.

Eban Goodstein, ’82


Mr. Goodstein said he loves helping students find their path, and Williams College students will always have him as a contact for career advice in the future. Graduate school is a great option for envi students, unless:

  1. You have a great job
  2. You don’t know what bucket you’re in (education, policy, or business)
  3. You’re burnt out

“We need you to be making a lot of difference in your 20s. And graduate school — in the absence of a good job — can help with that.”

—Jane Tekin, ’19