Kene Odenigbo '19 and Trevor Murphy Visualize Hopkins Forest Owl & Wind Data

At the most recent Log Lunch, Kene Odenigbo ’19 and Trevor Murphy, one of OIT’s Instructional Technology Specialists, gave a talk on the research they collaborated on this past summer at Hopkins Forest.

Kene, a biology major, explained the process of using D3, a tool for data visualization. In other words, it “turns all the numbers into something comprehensible to a broader audience,” as Hopkins Forest manager Drew Jones put it.

This tool necessitates the use of JavaScript, one of the most commonly used programming languages. D3 allowed Kene and Trevor create interactive multi-functional graphs. Kene walked us through the roadblocks she encountered making a wind-rose.

“It was a lot of staring at the computer and wondering why it wasn’t working,” she admitted. But ultimately, their summer work accomplished its goal: translating a whole lot of technical numbers and details into concepts that can be used by a larger community of scientists.

—Jane Tekin ’19