Piper Sallquist ’15 and Talia Calnek–Sugin ’15 on their CES Funded Summer Projects

Two current Williams College students presented their CES-funded summer projects at Log Lunch on January 10, 2014. Piper Sallquist ’15 received CES summer funding for a creative project called “Seattle’s Food Culture through Stories and Doodles.” Throughout the summer of 2013, Sallquist created a book about her summer of food in her hometown of Seattle, Washington. She explored how food, community, and cultured intersected through various foods such as Dungeness crabs, blackberries, and salmon. Furthermore, she went to local events that brought the community together through food. One such event Sallquist highlighted is a monthly event in which a local chef and volunteers cook lunch for 400 homeless people.

Talia Calnek-Sugin ’15 received CES summer funding for an internship she did with the Tanzania People and Wildlife Fund (TPW). TPW worked with the people of the Maasai Steppe in order to protect the lions in the area. As an environmental education intern, Calnek-Sugin combined her interests in sustainable development, problem solving, and education. She worked with children through weekly summer camps run by TPW. Moreover, Calnek-Sugin independently designed a computer literacy course, taught English to the Maasai warriors, taught children how to build Eco-bricks, plastic water bottle stuffed with trash that can be used as building material, and encouraged the children to compost. She also worked on a women’s environmental entrepreneurship project that helped local Maasai women start businesses through microloans. Along with all the work she contributed, Calnek-Sugin also highlighted what she learned from TPW about development work by foreigners and the importance of working with people in order to protect nature.

By Helen Song ’14

Talia Calnek-Sugin '15 (left) and Piper Sallquist '15 (right)

Talia Calnek-Sugin ’15 (left) and Piper Sallquist ’15 (right)