So Much Ephing Land: Considering Williams’s Resources

For the final log lunch of the year, Jesus Payan, Emma Levy, Hallie Whitmore, Amber Lee, and Allie Campbell, all in Professor Art’s Environmental Planning Workshop, gave a presentation about the project that they have been working on for the past semester. They were tasked with researching and investigating how to make better use of, and form better connections with, six different land parcels owned by Williams College. They assessed current and past uses of the land, and suggested alternative and future uses based on information they gathered in interviews, surveys, field visits, archives, and evaluations. Their project focused on narrative, and their goals were to increase education and research, sustainability, and community. The land parcels were Cole field and Eph’s pond, Berlin Mountain ski area, Stone Hill, Pine Cobble housing development, Mount Hope farms, and Dennison Park and Christmas Brook. For each, they discussed certain considerations that they took into account, and what recommendations they would suggest. They recognized that there is value in having these lands, and looked at how they could be used more productively to have a positive impact on the surrounding area and communities.

By Maya Spalding-Fecher ’21