Using Industrial Economics to Protect Small Island Nations from Effects of Climate Change

Jim Neumann (’84) is a principal at Industrial Economics, Incorporated, a consulting firm for governments, businesses, and not-for-profits. He specializes in the economics of climate change, air pollution regulation, and climate change adaptation.

He gave a Log Lunch presentation addressing one particular effect of climate change: sea level rise and storm surge, which disproportionately affects small islands and coastal, low-lying areas. This topic rings with relevance in light of the influx of natural disasters that have killed, injured, displaced, and disadvantaged the lives of millions in past weeks.

Jim Neumann gives a presentation on climate change adaptation for small islands

Mr. Neumann’s recent work uses risk-management techniques to describe the drought risk reduction benefits of greenhouse gas mitigation strategies. He also uses geographic informational systems (GIS) to gauge the impacts of sea level rise and storm surge in coastal areas. He presented some of these models and graphs in his presentation.

Mr. Neumann was recently named a Lead Author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group II chapter on the Economics of Adaptation.


–Jane Tekin ’19