Laura J. Martin

Laura J. Martin

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Faculty Affiliate in History

'66 Environmental Center


S.B. Brown University, Biophysics (2006)
M.S. Cornell University, Natural Resources (2010)
Ph.D. Cornell University, Natural Resources (2015)

Areas of Expertise

environmental history, history of environmental science, science & technology studies, conservation biology, natural history, evolutionary ecology


Scholarship/Creative Work

Select publications:

Laura J. Martin, “Proving Grounds: Ecological Fieldwork in the Pacific and the Materialization of Ecosystems,” Environmental History 23 (2018): 567–592. pdf

Bradley Cantrell, Laura J. Martin, Erle C. Ellis, “Designing Autonomy: Opportunities for New Wildness in the Anthropocene,” Trends in Ecology and Evolution 32 (2017): 156-166. pdfThe AtlanticLandscape Architecture Magazine

Laura J. Martin, “Mathematizing nature’s messiness: graphical representations of variation in ecology, 1930-present,” Environmental Humanities 7 (2015): 59-88. pdf

Laura J. Martin et al., “Evolution of the indoor biome,” Trends in Ecology and Evolution 30 (2015): 223-232. pdfSüddeutsche ZeitungNew York Times

Laura J. Martin and Sara B. Pritchard, “Correspondence: inclusive conservation excludes,” Nature 516 (2014): 37. pdf

Laura J. Martin et al., “Conservation opportunities across the world’s anthromes,” Diversity and Distributions 20 (2014): 745-755. pdf

Laura J. Martin, Bernd Blossey, Erle C. Ellis, “Mapping where ecologists work: biases in the global distribution of terrestrial ecological observations,” Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 10 (2012): 195-201. pdfNature Newsonearth

Laura J. Martin, “Where are the women in ecology?” Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 10 (2012): 177-178. pdf

“How Does Architecture Affect the Evolution of Other Species?” RCC Perspectives: Transformations in Environment and Society, 2016 no. 5

“G. Evelyn Hutchinson’s Exultation in Natural History,” American Scientist, July-August 2016

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