Mérida Rúa

Professor of Latina/o and American Studies, Chair of Latina/o Studies Program
Stetson Hall Rm 603


B.A. University of Illinois (1993)
M.Ed. University of Illinois, Education Policy Studies (1995)
Ph.D. University of Michigan (2004)


Note: courses in gray are not offered this academic year.

LATS 106 T / AMST 106(F)

Coming of Age in the City: Growing up and Growing Older in Communities of Color

LATS 220 / AMST 221 / ENVI 221(F)

Introduction to Urban Studies: Shaping and Living the City

LATS 408 / AMST 408

Envisioning Urban Life: Objects, Subjects, and Everyday People

Current Committees

  • American Studies Program
  • Faculty Interview Panel
  • Latina/o Studies Program, Chair