Log Lunch

Log Lunch, Dodd Lunch, Dog Lunch? A Delicious Tradition Continues at CES

Eirann Cohen ’15

Due to renovations on The Log, beginning over Winter Study, Friday’s Log Lunch moved across campus to find a new home in Dodd House. Initially, the move caused some confusion and disorientation (do we still call it Log Lunch, or is it now Dodd Lunch—or what about Dog Lunch?). The Log Lunch crew grieved for some favorite cooking tools that were lost in the move—a large wooden paddle used to stir soup, trusty metal spoons, and familiar knives. But as Friday rolled around each week, everyone grew used to the new setting. Little by little, old Log standards were recreated at Dodd. The purchase of a chalkboard, for example, allowed for the continuation of the traditional artful menu presentation. Lunch attendees listened intently to the invited speakers in the comfortable chairs of the dining room. The ambience was certainly different from the rustic feel of the Log, but the setting did not detract from the audience’s enjoyment of speaker, food, and company of others.

Rooney Charest '11, Log Lunch Speaker Sophie Robinson '11, and Sarah Gardner outside of The Log
Rooney Charest ’11, Log Lunch Speaker Sophie Robinson ’11, and Sarah Gardner outside of The Log
Log Lunch Cooks Eirann Cohen and Lucy Bergwall
Log Lunch Cooks Eirann Cohen and Lucy Bergwall

The old Dodd Dining Hall kitchen, which had previously been decommissioned, was brought back to life in pieces so the cooks could chop, bake, and blend their meal creations. The crew really appreciated the spaciousness of the new setting, as well as the ability to use ovens and a refrigerator that consistently functioned. Due in part to the efficient new space, and in part to a stellar team of cooks, each week’s lunch menu was an ever-increasingly creative culinary endeavor. Highlights include an Indian-themed lunch of saag paneer, cabbage poriyal, chapati, ginger chutney, roasted cauliflower, and mango lassi; homemade ricotta cheese; falafel and baklava; homemade sweet pickles, dill pickles, as well as pickled red onions and carrots; and coconut-lime popsicles. Even though we greatly miss our weekly get-togethers at The Log, the crew enjoyed their time at Dodd and is very grateful to all of the CES and Dining Services staff that made the transition as easy as possible. Recaps of the year’s Log Lunch talks and other other events can be found on the CES website at: http://ces.williams.edu/category/news-announcements/