A Year of Log Lunch Talks







Some things never change, they just keep getting better! Since 1969, CES has hosted Log Lunch every Friday: a student-cooked, vegetarian, local food lunch and a half hour environmental talk.  Over 100 students, faculty, staff and community members flock to The Log each week for a good dose of real food, camaraderie, and ecospeak.   We have 24 talks each year: the topics change each year, the recipes get more creative, but the tradition remains.  More detailed summaries and photos from this year’s may be found on the CES website: ces.williams.edu.

2016-2017 Log Lunch Talks:

  • How a small liberal arts college, with limited resources, made a bold move into solar that will slash most of its carbon emission in a single project. Todd Holland, Projects and Operations Manager, Hampshire College.
  • The Giant Squid, Global Warming, and Whale Extinction: Herman Melville as Environmentalist?  Richard King, Williams-Mystic Program.
  • Going with the Flow: Curriculum Development about the Hoosic River.  Johanna Wasserman ’18.
  • The Blue Mussel: Mytilus edulis. Erica Chang ’17.
  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Jeffrey Rubel ’17.
  • How it Pays to Go Green. Steve Hibbard, Project Manager, Renewable Energy Investment @ US Bank CDC.
  • The Age of Consequences. Sophie Robinson ’11.
  • Adapting to Climate Change in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Quinton Zondervan, President of Green Cambridge, Inc.
  • A Technological and Political Strategy for 100% Renewable Energy. Nathan Nesbitt, PhD Candidate, Boston College Physics Dept.
  • Ecological Design: 100% Biologically Based and Biodegradable Construction Material with the Future in Mind.  Julian Hadley and Dan Meeks, Ecovative Design, LLC.
  • Hard Cider in the Berkshires: A Collaboration with Greylock WORKS. Becky McClements ’17,  Will Schmidt ’17, Steve Yannacone ’17.
  • Ghana Think Tank: Turning the Tables on Climate Change.  Carmen Montoya, Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Spatial Practices, Corcoran School of Art & Design, George Washington University.
  • Values-Aligned Investing: Putting Capitalism to work to confront Climate Change.  Don Carlson, Venture Partner, Rubicon Venture Capital.
  • Protecting Pollinators in the Midst of the 6th Joan Edwards, Chair and Washington Gladden 1859 Professor of Biology.
  • The EcoFellowship Experience: How the Center for Eco Technology is Training the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders.  Katie Costantini ’16, including other CET staff, Center for Eco Technology.
  • Cute Little Owls in Hopkins Forest: 15 years of Banding Migrant Northern Saw-Whet Owls.  Drew Jones, Hopkins Memorial Forest Manager.
  • Ending Racism in the Food System. Leah Penniman, Co-Director of Soul Fire Farm.
  • Cutting our Carbon: A Participatory Exercise Where You Choose How to Fight Climate Change at Williams!  Elizabeth Kolbert, Sarah Jacobson, Sarah Gardner.
  • Humanity and Humility in the Practice and Application of Science: Acknowledging our Subjective Nature and Limits to Understanding.  Celia Evans, Professor of Ecology, Paul Smiths College.
  • Grassroots Heroes for the Global Environment? Bern Johnson, Executive Director of ELAW.
  • Environmental Justice and Urban Housing: Lead Poisoning Prevention in Rochester, NY.  Katrina Korfmacher, Associate Professor of Environmental Medicine.
  • Why Politics Matters. Benjamin Downing, Former State Senator, Berkshire District.
  • Whales and Other Fish. Les Beldo, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Environment Studies.
  • Epiphany: From Surfer to Activist, Inspirational Lives.  Glenn Gordinier, Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies Program