Alumni Notes: News from CES Alumni and Friends

Elizabeth Titus ‘75

 I am in my 17th year at the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) based in Lexington, MA. Currently I serve as Director of Evaluation and Research. NEEP is a small, busy non-profit with a mission to advance energy efficiency and help meet carbon reduction goals in the region. There is alot of thought leadership and cutting edge policy and research in this region; we work with other regions and national efforts as well. Our organization welcomes student interns through the MASSCEC program and also other opportunities to interact with academic institutions. I can be reached at [email protected].

David Fowle ‘76

Now living in Pownal, VT, I’ve been back in the purple valley since 1978 where I met and married my wife and raised two boys currently living on the west coast. While working a number of positions in Williamstown and at the college, I got involved with a local food cooperative buying club, and discovered my home. I went on to help found and build what is now Wild Oats Co-op in Williamstown, where I served as General Manager for 24 years before accepting a position with the National Co-op Grocers – a nexus of a “virtual chain” of cooperatives helping them compete with the big boys while maintaining their independent, small town focus.

Jim Bowe ‘77

I enjoyed visiting the very impressive Kellogg House for the CES Picnic on Saturday, June 10, on the occasion of my 40th reunion. Hank Art was in the house, looking just about the same as he did 40-odd years ago when leading us around Hopkins Forest in his environmental biology course. His commitment to the CES and its students is inspiring, and one of the things I mention when asked about things that stand out about my Williams experience. Hank, Tom Jorling, Roger Bolton and my CES experience during the years 1974-1977 steered me into a focus on energy and environmental policy and a law practice focused on the energy sector which I have enjoyed for 35 years.

Roger Wilson ‘77

If you are interested in civic media, civic technology, new forms of journalism, or new forms of political activism I would like to hear from you! My young venture, Civic Decisions, is focused on research in these fields. The venture is an outgrowth of my many years developing conferences and other information products for trade publishers and nonprofits including National Center for Bicycling and Walking. Personally, I have ceded my founding board position at the Wright Locke Conservancy which runs an organic farm and ag ed program in Winchester, MA but remain on the board of small land conservation foundation in Vermont. I continue to be active in planning and development, transportation, conservation, watershed, forest management, and related issues in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Ann McCabe ‘79

I’m the interim executive director of The Climate Registry of North America,  as of June 1.  I was previously on the board, a state (IL) delegate/panelist to COP21 in Paris and their MW Regional Director 2008-2010 (when I pitched voluntary GHG reporting to Williams Facilities reps).  Most recently I was an Illinois Utility Commissioner/Regulator for the last five years.  The Registry is working with DOE, NASEO and states on a National Energy Efficiency Registry (NEER) and a Water/Energy/GHG Intensity metric pilot in CA.

Syma Alexi Ebbin ‘83

I’m still working at University of Connecticut as an Assoc. Prof. and at Connecticut Sea Grant as the Research Coordinator, hoping the President’s 2018 budget doesn’t end the Sea Grant program as well as my job. I have two boys in college (UConn and Brandeis) and my daughter is still at home just about to enter HS. I just joined the Board of Directors of a really cool fisheries-focused organization called Eating with the Ecosystem.

Judd Sneirson ‘92

In April, I published a reader entitled Sustainability & Business Law, about how business law encourages or discourages sustainable business practices and how to improve those laws. The book is geared for use in law school settings; I teach a seminar with it at Savannah Law School, where I am a professor.

Michel Ohly ‘97

I am currently teaching middle school math and homeroom in Arlington, MA, where I teach my students to check their sources, form opinions based on actual facts, and give back to their communities. Kudos to my fellow CES alumni who have stayed “in the biz!”

Sarah Barger Ranney ‘02

Hi old friends. Long time reader, first time contributor!
I am co-leading an initiative with the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter with the goal of

ensuring that all high school students graduate “climate literate”. Climate Literacy, as defined by the Sierra Club of CA means understanding (1) causes of climate change; (2) its potential for harm; (3) what is required to avoid climate destabilization; (4) actions needed to ensure a livable future; and (5) the key people and institutions involved in implementing those actions.

We are laying the groundwork to engage directly with school districts with the intention of having them make specific committments to incorporating Climate Literacy into the curriculum across subjects — this isn’t just a Science topic, it spans all disciplines. We are working with parents, teachers, commmunity groups and education organizations (including great guidance from Ten Strands, founded by fellow Williams alumn Will Parish). Ultimately, we will introduce Climate Literacy resolutions in several Bay Area school districts, with the hope of establishing a record of success and a process that can be followed across California. We know that teaching young adults about the complexity of climate change could have a tremendous impact on how our citizens approach climate decisions in the future.

For me personally, this has been a fascinating crash course in community organizing, policy development, and practical environmental work (and a refreshing change of pace from my day job with a tech company). If you live in the Bay Area and would like to get involved, please get in touch! Email me at [email protected]

Sam Arons ‘04

Sam continues to work on clean energy at Google, where he and the team recently announced that Google would achieve 100% renewable energy for the first time in 2017 with 2.6 GW of renewables under contract, making Google the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy on the planet.

Tisha Joseph Holmes ‘04

Tisha graduated from UCLA with a PhD in Urban Planning in 2015 and moved from Los Angeles to Tallahassee FL with her husband, Maurice and children, Troy (6) and Melia (4). She is in her second year as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Florida State University. She conducts research and teaches graduate courses on planning to build resilience to the physical, social and human health impacts of climate change on coastal zones, island nations and marginalized groups and communities.

Sara Jablonski ‘07

I am in my hometown of Buffalo, NY working as a 4-H Educator doing afterschool programming, primarily with teenagers. The goal is youth voice, for the young people to identify issues important to them and develop projects to address those issues. Youth projects have included donating homeless care packages, leading activities with children with different abilities, and raising awareness about hate crimes in the community, along with gardening. I enjoyed attending reunion this year to catch up with past CES colleagues and professors and to use the composting toilet in the new building