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Summer 2017


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The program in environmental studies allows students to engage in an integrated, interdisciplinary study of the environment:  the natural world, both in itself and as it has

been modified by human activity. The program provides students with the tools and ideas needed to engage constructively with the environmental and social issues brought about by changes in population, economic activity, and values.




Center for Environmental Studies

Faculty & Staff

Les Beldo, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Studies

Ralph Bradburd, Director

David Cassuto, Class of 1946 Visiting Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies

Sarah Gardner, Associate Director & Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Nicolas Howe, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Drew Jones, Hopkins Forest Manager

Pia Kohler, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Elizabeth Kolbert, Class of 1946 Distinguished Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies

DeeDee Lewis, Departmental Administrative Assistant

Jay Racela, Technical Assistant