Confronting Climate Change Film

We love reconnecting with alumni at Reunion Weekend!  CES holds an annual picnic lunch for alumni and families (photos below).  This year, we screened a CES film to a packed room of alumni: “Confronting Climate Change,” based on interviews conducted by Betsy Kolbert with the distinguished climate change speakers who visited Williams during this past year.  The film features Bill McKibben, Van Jones, James Hansen, Maxine Burkett, Steve Gardiner, Rob Nixon, and Williams Trustee, Mark Tercek.  This 20-minute film includes a discussion guide and may be viewed on CES Vimeo site:    Please feel free to share.

















Alumni are always welcome at CES!  Please stay in touch by visiting when you’re in the area, sending an “Alumni Note” for the newsletter, and letting us know if you have summer internships in your organization.   And of course, we always hope to see you at Reunion.  If you want to give a Log Lunch talk about your environmental work, Sarah Gardner would love to hear from you! Contact Sarah at  ([email protected]) or 4 13-597-4209.