Senior Awards

On Class Day we honor our senior Environmental Studies students and present awards to some especially outstanding seniors.


Gemma Holt was presented with the Rosenburg Prize in Environmental Studies for scholarship and potential for solving local, national and international environmental problems.


Sarah Cooperman and Rebecca McClements were the winners of the Environmental Studies Committee award for their commitment and contributions to the environmental studies community at Williams.


The Tom Hardie Memorial Award for the best student work in environmental studies was presented to Caroline White-Nockleby for her paper “How Do We Make Them See.” The paper may be found on the CES website at :


Sophia Schmidt was awarded the Scheffey Prize in recognition of her academic sophistication, her leadership, and her citizenship at the Center for Environmental Studies, where she was both a Teaching Assistant and a Research Assistant.


Gemma Holt ’17, Sarah Cooperman ’17, Rebecca McClements ’17, Caroline White-Nockleby ’17













Sarah Gardner & Sophia Schmidt ‘17