Williams Sustainable Growers

Sasha Langesfeld ‘17

The garden had a productive year with our newly incorporated Class of ’66 Environmental Center annual beds. We had an abundance of hot peppers and tomatoes in the fall, and decided that it was the perfect opportunity to make salsa. We co-hosted a “Salsa Making and Salsa Dancing” event with Vista, which was a great hit and produced more salsa than we could eat. We ended up setting out garden snacks in Eco Café during that week and the salsa was greatly appreciated by the library-goers. We had such a fun time making the salsa and will try to repeat the event in the future!

A new opportunity arose this year when the Faculty House dining staff contacted us to see if they could use the Presidential Garden to grow food. Since we now have the new Environmental Center beds, we thought it made sense to let someone else use the plot if they wanted to. Over the next year we’ll let them use the Presidential Garden as they want, and then meet with them to evaluate if the garden space was useful and they want to keep using it. We’re happy that the dining staff is so excited about growing fresh vegetables themselves, and hope that it’ll be a starting point for including more garden produce into the dining halls.

This spring we accepted 16 new garden board members, this time making sure there was a good assortment of class years so that there is a smoother transition between leadership years. The new members helped us out with our ever so important semester party, and came up with the name “Mandrakes and Drake” as a theme for our spring party. This Harry Potter and Drake mash-up was a great bonding experience for the new and old members. The fall party was titled “Lettuce Bee”, and started off as a Beatles theme, but quickly morphed to include Beyonce.

Moving forward, the new “High Priestesses” for next year will be Sumun Iyer ’18 and Jessica Munoz ’19, who have both been incredibly reliable members of the club for the past couple of years. In the meantime, the summer interns, Justine Felix ’20 and Justin Ho ’20, will be trying to solarize a new bed in Parson’s and getting everything ready for another fall harvest!