Student Theses

A number of theses authored by Environmental Studies students are available on the Williams College Library’s theses webpage.


“Chinese Environmentalism.” Author: Ang Sherpa. Advisor: Pia Kohler

“Constructing Canada, the Pipeline Nation: Discourse and Indigeneity in the Trans Mountain Expansion.” Author: Angela Chan. Advisor: Pia Kohler

 “Portraying Peril.” Author: Sean Dory. Advisors: Nicholas Howe & Laura Martin


“Small-Scale Agrarian Acclimation: Climate Narratives of Farmers in the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast.” Author: Natasha Baranow. Advisors: Henry Art & Sarah Gardner

“Recasting Organic: Cultural and Material Landscapes of Resistance.” Author: Kathryn Dix. Advisor: Nicolas Howe


“Lines and Circles: Temporality in the 1970s American Environmental Imagination.” Author: Sarah Cooperman. Advisor: Nicolas Howe

“Arctic Governance in an Era of Climate Change: Planning for Adaptation and Social-Ecological Resilience.” Author: Gemma Holt. Advisors: Ralph Bradburd & David Cassuto

“Pick Two: Understanding Sustainability in Small Scale Vegetable Growing”
Author: Rebecca McClements. Advisor: Nicolas Howe


“California’s Drought and the Energy-Water Nexus: Developing Water Supply Increase Strategies Through Examination of Energy Consumption.” Author: Anna Epstein. Advisor: Ralph Bradburd


“Edible Forest Gardening at the Clark Art Institute.” Author: Sonja Thalheimer. Advisor: Henry Art.


“Habitat and Substrate Diversity as Related to Dispersal Potential in a Model Marine Invader.” Author: Zara Currimjee. Advisor: James Carlton


Keeping it Local: Farm Viability in Berkshire and Bennington Counties,”
By Rooney Charest, Advisors: Sarah Gardner, Hank Art

“Residential Solar Thermal Energy in Williamstown, Massachusetts”
by JJ Augenbraun, Advisors: David Dethier, Jay Thoman


Exploring the interrelationships between farmers and their watershed: a case study on human ecology from Río La Paz, Costa Rica. Author: Avalon Lee Gulley; Sarah Gardner and Wendi Haugh, advisors.


“The Lion And The Lamb: The Struggle Between Conservation and Pastoralism in Tanzania.” Author: Nora Morse; Sarah Gardner and Doug Gollin, advisors.

“Reclaiming Home: Comparing Coalfields Activism in Arizona and West Virginia.” Author: Julia Bannister Sendor; Cathy Johnson, advisor.


Elites, regimes, and growth machines: the politics of parks development in Chicago and London. Author: Andy Stevenson; Sarah Gardner and Charles Benjamin, advisors.


“Biogas development in the U.S.: current trends and future opportunities.” Author: Amelia Grace Bishop; Sarah Gardner, advisor.


“Green New York: examining the vanguard of green development in New York City, assessing its potential, and making recommendations for the future.” Author: Jason Todd Davis; Sarah Gardner and Mark Reinhart, advisors.

The Dairy Farming Paradox: The Coexistence of the Image and Reality. Author: Katherine Eleanor Stevens.

Think Globally, Eat Locally: An Analysis of Williams College’s Food Consumption. Author: Jocelyn Bauer Gardner.

Relocation, Renovation, and Redesign of Kellogg House: A Case Study of the Center for Environmental Studies at Williams College. Author: Laura Cavin.


Mohawks, Model Ts, and Monuments: The Formulation of an Unlikely Regional Identity in Western Massachusetts. Author: Robert I Quay.


A Vegetation History of Williamstown 1752-1977. Author: Kathryn A. Satterson.