Academic Year Funding

CES Funding

CES has funding available to help offset the costs for students wishing to attend environmentally related conferences and workshops, as well as for student-organized events on campus. Additional funding is available each year for students planning to spend the summer conducting independent research on an environmentally related topic, completing an unpaid internship with an environmental organization, or pursuing an environmentally-related “creative project.” Funds are allocated through a competitive process with applications due prior to spring break each year.

Funding to Attend Conferences

Limited funds are available through the Center for Environmental Studies for students to attend environmentally related conferences. Students may apply to be reimbursed for up to half of the total cost, including registration, transportation and lodging. Funding is limited to $200 per student each academic year. CES will cover the cost of a College vehicle for students who are licensed by Facilities to drive one.

The application must be submitted in hard copy at least 10 days prior to the conference. Notification of funding will be given as soon as possible after the submission of the application. If funding is approved, students register and pay for the conference themselves and submit receipts to CES for reimbursement after the conference.

Please note that all recipients of CES conference funds will write a brief report about the conference for publication in Field Notes, the CES newsletter.

Academic Year Employment

  • Office Assistant – Office-related work. Email [email protected]
  • Hopkins Forest Caretaker – Gardening, trail maintenance, timber and woodlot management, grounds-keeping, curatorial duties, educational programming. Contact Drew Jones
  • Log Lunch – Provisioning, cooking, cleaning. Email [email protected]
  • CES Research Assistant – Writing, photography, organizing, graphic design. Contact Sarah Gardner
  • Hopkins Forest Permanent Plot System CensusContact Hank Art