University of Vermont

I am reaching out on behalf of the University of Vermont to invite undergraduate students to apply for an exciting summer research opportunity. During this 3-week program (July 6 – 27), students will conduct pathbreaking interdisciplinary research on the cultural, economic and scientific roles of the agricultural transition toward industrial hemp production.

This is a great opportunity for students interested in natural and environmental sciences; sustainability; design thinking and bioproduct prototyping; economics and community development. This is a funded program. Selected students will receive housing, travel and meal accommodations, as well as a stipend. Students attending all U.S. institutions, including 2-year and community colleges, are eligible and highly encouraged to apply for this program.

Please help us spread the word about this research opportunity with your colleagues, department listservs and undergraduate students. You can access the application link here. Student applications are due March 15, 2022. 

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Natasha Baranow ([email protected]), REEU Program Manager, or Professor Steven Kostell ([email protected]), Program Director. Thank you for your time.

Natasha Baranow, MS (she/her)

Research Specialist | Center for Rural Studies

Assistant Director | Vermont Certified Public Managers Program

University of Vermont