The Housatonic Valley Association (HVA) 2020 Internship Positions Available


The Housatonic Valley Association (HVA)
seeks applications for our River St ewards of
Tomorrow Watershed Conservation Internship positions, available for sum mer 20 20 River
Stewards will work on a variety of projects related to water resource management, human
dimensions, wildlife conservation and land protection . HVA River Steward positions are
available in both the Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut and Stockbridge, Ma ssachusetts, offices.
Work will be conducted in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York portions of the watershed.
Each River Ste ward position lasts a minimum of 12 weeks from June August See a Story Map
about the position created by one of our 2018 int erns here.
Internship Overview:
The 2020 River Steward s are s upervised by HVA ’s Conservation
Projects Manager s , but may also be asked to wo rk with other staff as needed . Work will include
a mix of office and field ba sed activitie s (approximate ly 90% field based and 1 0 % office based)
P rojects that the intern may be involved with include but are not limited to the following (in
order of proportion of time spent) spent):
 Road Stream Crossing Assessment s in the Naugatuck Valle y , CT and Berkshires, MA :
River Stewards will visit and assess bridges and culverts (using the North Atlantic
Aquatic Connectivity Collaborative protocol) in the Connecticut towns of Naugatuck,
Beacon Falls, and Watertown (and potentially other towns in th e New York portion of
the watershed to identify barriers to fish and wildlife passage, and assist with pos t
assessment data management and processing.
 River Information and Outreach (RIO) Program Connecticut Interns only )): Weekend
work required. Over the weekend, River Stewards will drive between popular informal
Housatonic River access sites along Route 7 (New Milford to Falls Village, CT) and
engage with site users. Tasks will in clude informing users of the site rules, conducting
outreach about stewards hip of the river and land, and some data collection (i.e.,
interviews and surveys). River Stewards must be willing to work a 5 day work week that
includes at least 1 weekend day.
 Stream Reach Assessments The River Stewards will assist HVA staff in the fiel d to
conduct visual surveys (“streamwalks”) along impor tant stream reaches to document
threats and identify restoration opportunities Rapid screening water quality tests will be
conducted at all suspicious outfalls. Stream walks will occur primarily in so uthern
Connecticut, in the Pootatuck subwatershed. River Stewards will occasionally assist in
post assessment data management and processing.
 Environmental Monitoring: The River Stewards will have the chance to conduct water
quality monitoring, including c ollecting water samples for chemical analysis.
Environmental monitoring will be done in the Still River subwatershed and in the
 Restoration project monitoring and maintenance River Stewards will assist with
riparian and aquatic restoratio n pro ject s (e. live willow staking) and conduct
maintenance activities like weeding and watering. Sometimes this will be in conjunction
with our high school youth program called Still River Watershed Connections.
 Assist with outreach events (Massachusetts Int erns only): Occasional weekend and
evening work required. Outreach events include paddle trips, river cleanups and
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tabling opportunities. The River Stewards will assist with tasks such as unloading canoes
tabling opportunities. The River Stewards will assist with tasks such as unloading canoes and equipment, registering and equipment, registering participants, providing participants, providing informationinformation and helping ensure and helping ensure events runevents run smoothly. smoothly.
Qualifications: Candidates must be Candidates must be detaildetail–oriented, oriented, highly motivatedhighly motivated, , passionate about passionate about watershed conservation, and able to succeedwatershed conservation, and able to succeed both independently and as part of a team.both independently and as part of a team. In In addition, the ideal candidaaddition, the ideal candidate willte will possesspossess::
 Enthusiasm forEnthusiasm for outdoor field workoutdoor field work, including worki, including workingng under potentially inclement under potentially inclement environmental environmental conditionsconditions (hot, rainy, etc.)(hot, rainy, etc.); ;
 Willingness to work weekends (RIO programWillingness to work weekends (RIO program; and Paddle Trips; and Paddle Trips););
 Strong interpersonal skillsStrong interpersonal skills, the ability to approa, the ability to approach and conduct outreach to strangers,ch and conduct outreach to strangers, and the ability to representand the ability to represent HVAHVA in a professional mannerin a professional manner;;
 Strong organization and data management skills;Strong organization and data management skills;
 Experience using Experience using GPS and GPS and GISGIS is helpful, but not helpful, but not essential.
Requirements: Daily access to a Daily access to a reliable reliable personalpersonal vehicle is a requirement of the positionvehicle is a requirement of the position (HVA does not have a field vehicle, so all field work(HVA does not have a field vehicle, so all field work, , includingincluding any workany work in Nin New Yorkew York and and MassachusettsMassachusetts,, will be done in personal cars with mileage reimbursements.)will be done in personal cars with mileage reimbursements.) The intern must The intern must also be physically able to particalso be physically able to participate in potentially strenuous ipate in potentially strenuous fieldworkfieldwork (i.e.(i.e.,, physically active physically active workwork outsideoutside for several hoursfor several hours at a time during theat a time during the heat of theheat of the summersummer))..
Compensation: The intern will be provided with a $3,600 stipend for the course of the The intern will be provided with a $3,600 stipend for the course of the internship. Work related traveinternship. Work related travel will be compensated at a rate of $0.48/mile. Housing is not l will be compensated at a rate of $0.48/mile. Housing is not provided. HVA will assist successful appliprovided. HVA will assist successful applicants in finding summer lodging near the HVA office.cants in finding summer lodging near the HVA office.
Application Procedure:
Application Procedure: Interested candidates should submit the following materials via Interested candidates should submit the following materials via emailemail: :
1. CCOVER LETTEROVER LETTER explaining your interest and qualificationsexplaining your interest and qualifications
Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Deadline:: Applications will be reviewedApplications will be reviewed and positions filledand positions filled on a rolling basis.on a rolling basis.
QQuestions uestions and applicationsand applications should be should be directed to:directed to:
Michael S.
Michael S. Jastremski, Watershed ConservationJastremski, Watershed Conservation DirectorDirector
Housatonic Valley Association
Housatonic Valley Association EE–mail:mail: [email protected] Phone: (860) 672Phone: (860) 672–66786678 ext. 109ext. 109