2023 Field Academy Community Liaison Internship

Job Title: Community Liaison Internship
Location: Denver, CO
Dates: Flexible- June 18-July 24th 2023
About Field Academy
The Field Academy is a United States traveling semester school. Our mission is to connect,
engage, empower, and educate young people in the United States in order to create a more just and
healthy nation. This mission is accomplished by bringing together diverse groups of students from across
the United States to study critical issues in different regions of the country in the form of a traveling,
experiential education program.
We serve high school age students 16-18 years old from around the United States. We run three courses;
a 15 week long academic semester school, a 5 week regional summer high school, and custom built
travel programs around the country. We strive to build and maintain deep connections with communities
throughout the U.S. where we travel and work. The Field Academy has been a working organization for
the last 10 years and is opening a semester high school during the 2023 academic year and running
multiple summer courses in Appalachia and the Southwest.
Job Description: This internship is to recruit and market for our traveling semester and summer regional
programs. This role is extremely relational, going to talk to high school students, talking to parents,
reaching out to community members to see how we can best work with them, etc. As part of this it’s
creating content for our instagram and TikTok, and building content online documenting our summer
programs and the areas we will travel in 2023. This is a full time position in Denver with travel around
the area and potential travel to a program location.
Requirements: A passion for experiential learning model and personal connection to working in
community organizing, civic engagement, or doing service work. This position requires creative
problem-solving, effective team-building, English oral and written communication, and strong computer
and social skills. The ability to work independently and in a team environment is crucial. Must also be
able to work flexible and irregular hours if travel is required.
Housing and Transportation: Potential housing provided, we will in finding housing if not provide it.
Transportation not provided.
How to Apply:
Submit your resume
In lieu of a cover letter, please answers the following questions:
• Why are you compelled by the mission and work of Field Academy? What does a strong community
based programming mean to you and can you give an example of a strong community you have been a
part of? What do you hope to get out of your summer internship and how does this job help you achieve
Responses to questions can be submitted in writing, presentation, or audio/video file. Responses to
questions replace a cover letter. Please see length guidance below.
• Written responses should be no longer than two pages
• Audio/video recording from 5-7 minutes
• Presentations should be no longer than 7 slides
Please submit to Field Academy Director, Anna Graves at [email protected] Our email only
takes .doc or .pdf attachments. If you have other attachments, please download them to google drive,
and link them in a word document or pdf. Please carefully check viewing access to your documentsaccess
should be set to ‘anyone with the link can view’ so that our team can review