2023 Internship Offering at Vermont Natural Resources Council

Good afternoon, CES staff, and happy new year!  Well, with the new year comes new opportunities: once again, Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC) is looking to add a Mollie Beattie Intern to our team for the coming summer.  Specifically, we’re looking for a graduate student (or recent graduate or soon-to-be graduate) who intends to pursue a career in either policy or law in the fields of environmental science or natural resources management.  This individual will help coordinate initiatives related to forest and wildlife conservation, land use planning, sustainable community development, water quality, and, if qualified, VNRC’s legal program for 8-10 weeks this summer (between May and September), but we’re looking to secure a commitment by mid-February.
I was wondering if you could help share this opportunity with Williams College students and recent alumni.  We’ve already posted this to some of the college jobs networks, but with such a short turnaround time, we’re hoping a more direct appeal will yield better results.  We’ll be reviewing applications as they come in, but the deadline for submissions is February 3, 2023. The complete listing is available on our website (https://vnrc.org/molliebeattieintern2023/), but anyone who’d like to know more is encouraged to reach out to me directly (at [email protected]) for more information.
I appreciate any assistance you can provide in spreading the word.  We had so many great candidates last year that we ended up hiring two – and we may do the same in 2023!  Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!!
Best regards,