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NMR is hiring again! Job description here:


This would be a great position for someone relatively new to the job market, and/or looking to get started in energy efficiency consulting. The position would be particularly good for someone interested in building science (i.e., how to build more efficiently and how to get energy efficiency programs to help homes improve), and who likes the idea of doing a good amount of field work as they get started. I took this track, and you spend a lot of time in homes learning how they are actually built, and you take that real-world experience into the office as you then become one of the analysts who helps analyze those data and build reports for clients, so you the full picture of how we are trying to change the market. We also do lots of interviews and surveys and other research.

Applicants should apply directly with NMR, but I’m happy to answer any questions.

Jared Powell | Senior Project Manager | Employee Owner

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