6 Week Internship at Key Largo Anglers Club

Key Largo FL 33037

~June 1 into Mid August – Free Lodging

5 lakes, 6 Waterfalls, 4 Filter Boxes – approx 2 acres, 4.5mm gallon Salt/Brackish water system

Ideal for Fisheries Management Interests or Nutrient/O2/PH/Salinity/Bacteria levels – Maintain & Balance water quality using natural native species as much as possible.  Or Contact me if something in our goals lights you up   [email protected]   Cell: 330-565-8521


Species recovery from last Hurricane – we are well along, but lost many species due to low salinity from too much rain, then low oxygen from rotting vegetation 

Upgrading  Water Quality Physical Systems – waterfall pumps, filter boxes and their pumps, electric systems to drive same, removing old piping from older systems. Design, implement surface skimming methods.

Considering turning Lake Three into a nursery, net it off from rest of system, let small fish grow without predation, then slip thru the net out into the bigger world…

Your Team consists of a 2 day per week lakes technician who manages pumps and boxes, a 4-5 day per week supervisor with a degree in marine biology, 1 per week meetings with the man who actually dug the ponds and built the boxes and waterfalls, and results/guidance from our Environmental Consultant John Larkin’s upcoming May 2020 report and recommendations


What we need from you:

Should be able to swim underwater, bring your own laptop and share your data with us in XL format

We would want you to gather data, and react to data – tweaking an aerator or adding or subtracting a nutrient from the filter boxes –

We would want you to help with some of the wet-work, pulling/installing pipes, working with the surface skimmer or bottom vacuum for habitat cleaning. (gonna tie in with your blue-green algae work anyway)

Help us get ready for and then help us to introduce some new critters – we currently are sustaining about 20 or so species – bonefish, tarpon, grouper, snapper, tripletail, parrotfish, mullet, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, lots of little fish… hoping to introduce local species that help the ecosystem balance, as well as bring back some old friends we have lost over the years – octopus, redfish, horseshoe crabs, permit…

You will need to buy your own food – we will provide you a golf cart for local shopping at the Ocean Reef Club next door – there is ample parking if you have your own car.


Please call Ben Cart ‘80,   (330) 565 8521,                                     or email  [email protected] for further info