For the 2021 – 2022 school year, the South Whidbey School District, in

partnership with Whidbey Island Nourishes and Readiness To Learn is recruiting
for its AmeriCorps team to help enrich the school district’s robust farm
program and connect it to health and nutrition education.

Our School Farm CAFE (Culinary Arts and Farm Education) program is seeking two AmeriCorps Food and Farm Educators who are enthusiastic, energetic and capable individuals with experience growing food, and who love working with kids, teaching, and cooking.

Since 2014, the South Whidbey School District has been growing fresh
vegetables using organic practices integrated with garden-based curriculum.
The program is now a specialist garden science class normally taught to 650
students K-6 at the SW Elementary School and High School weekly. During this
pandemic we have been able to continue growing and teaching at the School
Farms. Students are now beginning to return to school in greater numbers, and
we also have a “school farmers at home” program.

The students are the farmers, and produce from our 1.25 acres of school farms
is delivered to the cafeteria for the school lunches, used in culinary
lessons, eaten on the spot at the farm by the students, and used in school
events. School farm produce is also distributed to two non-profits: Whidbey
Island Nourishes for K-4 snacks and their nutrition programs, and to Readiness
to Learn for after-school and summer programs.

Our AmeriCorps member will work closely with our farm team and certified farm
teacher to provide students with hands-on learning and farming that culminates
in healthy eating. On a daily basis, our members will engage in multiple 45-
minute classes with our farm teacher, using the growing seasons as the basis
for the daily curriculum. Members and staff will lead students in
instructional experiences focused on preparing the soil, planting, caring for,
harvesting and enjoying the food that is grown.

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