USDA Forest Service

Internship Opportunity:  Selecting Tree and Shrub Species for Agroforestry

USDA Forest Service, Research & Development, National Agroforestry Center

In the last several years there has been an explosion in the interest in agroforestry — the intention incorporation of trees and shrubs into agricultural landscapes.  Farmers, ranchers, and foresters are beginning to recognize the benefits of agroforestry.  It can help producers mitigate and adapt to climate change, increase crop yields, reduce air and water pollution, diversify farm income, and provide fruits, nuts and other non-timber products, including those valued for cultural purposes. Yet producers do not have a reliable guide to help them select which trees or shrubs to plant for agroforestry given their location, land management objectives, and changing climatic conditions.

This intern will play a key role in helping the US Forest Service and partners from across the country develop a guidebook, based on recent scientific literature, to support tree and shrub selection for agroforestry practices (windbreaks, alley cropping, riparian forest buffers, silvopasture, forest farming).  The book will also highlight specific species considerations for urban and indigenous uses.  The intern will work with authors, review and edit materials, and have the opportunity to contribute to summary chapters of the report (with author credit).  This is a great opportunity to learn how government reports are developed, learn more about the Forest Service and USDA as a whole (organizations, mission, etc.), and take advantage of ongoing Forest Service webinars/educational activities.

Location: Remote (many Forest Service staff are working remotely or teleworking many days a week) or Washington, DC or Lincoln, NE

Dates: Flexible

Contact/intern supervisor: Dr. Anne Marsh, USDA Forest Service, Research and Development, Director of the National Agroforestry Center (based in Washington, DC)

Housing/transportation:  Housing cannot be provided by the agency, but temporary housing is generally available in both Washington, DC and Lincoln, NE, if the intern opts for in-person.

To apply:  Please send a cover letter and resume to Dr. Marsh at [email protected] by 8am, Monday March 6.

Please feel free to reach out ([email protected] or 202-236-6781) if you have any questions!