Climate Change in Chamonix--Familiarization visit invitation for summer 2017

My name is Hillary Gerardi and I am currently working at Research Center for Alpine Ecosystems (CREA) Mont-Blanc in Chamonix, France.  Located in the heart of the French Alps, CREA Mont-Blanc is a French scientific and educational non-governmental organization that has been performing climate change research since 1996 on the slopes of the famed Mont-Blanc.  This summer, we are inviting interested academic professionals to apply to participate in a familiarization visit in which we will be showcasing our research and working with participants to customize/co-build (according to your student’s academic needs) a study abroad program.

CREA Mont-Blanc has been working for 20 years in the Alps to measure the impact of climate change upon flora and fauna.  Our work combines the efforts of a highly respected international group of scientists and a network of hundreds of volunteers who collect data and make observations.  We now want to share this important work and the Alps with students from the rest of the globe.

Here are CREA Mont-Blanc, we are developing this initiative specifically targeted at the English-speaking undergraduate student audience and the academic professionals who lead study abroad trips.  We will be launching our week-long program for students in the summer of 2018.  To prepare for this initiative, we invite you to participate in a familiarization trip this summer in beautiful Chamonix, where you will be a part of establishing this pioneering program.  The familiarization visit will be held July 3-6, 2017.

Once in Chamonix, all of the trip expenses for those professionals selected to participate in the CREA familiarization visit program will be covered by CREA Mont-Blanc.  We received a grant from the European Union which will pay for the cost of this visit during the stay in the French Alps.  Selected professionals will be responsible for providing their own transportation to Chamonix.

I have attached to this email a PDF brochure which has more information about CREA Mont-Blanc, our team, the July 2017 familiarization visit, and our study abroad initiative, as well as a brief application to ensure that your objectives are in line with ours.  We welcome your expression of interest in this visit byMondayMarch 20, 2017, and your completed application by March 31, 2017.  Familiarization visit participants will be selected and notified by mid-April.

We welcome your questions about CREA Mont-Blanc, the fam visit, and our research in the French Alps.  Please visit our website at, respond directly to this email or email us at [email protected] with any inquiries.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with CREA Mont-Blanc and to further the pursuit of climate change research.

Au revoir,

Hillary Gerardi


P.S. If you know of other academic professionals who may be interested in this program or for whom it may be better suited, please forward this invitation to them.

Hillary Gerardi

Centre de Recherches sur les Écosystèmes d’Altitude (CRÉA Mont-Blanc)
Observatoire du Mont-Blanc – 74400 Chamonix – France

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