Climate Policy Intern

Acterra is a San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit based in Palo Alto that brings people together to create
local solutions for a healthy planet. We focus on what you can do locally to address current
environmental problems. In the face of daunting environmental challenges, our science-based approach
instills hope while building community.
To that end we’re looking to create a team of interns to help expand our community climate policy
outreach. Everyday city & county officials are making important policy decisions on climate and our goal
is to make sure they always know what is the best choice to make to reduce emissions and fully
The intern is expected to work 5-15 hours/week, and commit to working at least 3 months.
● Attend local & state government meetings (virtually)
● Present short oral and send written public comments on weekdays, as needed
● Periodically produce background research for public comments
● Create policy fact sheets for & about city & county governments
● Research policy related questions for the Sr. Manager
● Create and manage actions for the Climate Action Now App
Desired Qualifications and Experience:
● Experience with the G-Suite (Google Docs, Slides, etc)
● Strong attention to detail
● Availability to attend meeting in the evenings
● Strong organizational skills
● Public speaking experience (or willingness to learn)
● Leadership & multicultural experience
To Apply:
If you are interested please submit a resume, cover letter, and writing sample to
[email protected] (Acterra’s Sr. Manager of Policy & External Relations).
More About Acterra:
Acterra is driven not by ego, but by the opportunity to learn and grow together, while achieving high
impact through fighting climate change and reducing carbon emissions. We harness the individual
strengths within our staff and our network to foster a leader-full organization and movement. Our team
members are high performers and high collaborators, and we encourage creativity and failing forward.
This is not an aspirational vision: this is how we live and breathe into our work together.
Note: Acterra has a central office but we are a remote-first organization; employees work from home
offices and need not be based in the United States.
Acterra is a Bay Area-focused environmental organization based in Palo Alto that brings people together
to create local solutions for a healthy planet. The organization’s roots go back to 1970 with a history of
inspiring and motivating action for change. Acterra offers a number of programs that bring people
together to create local solutions for a healthy planet, including:
● Karl Knapp GoEV Program: a program that helps accelerate the shift from fossil fuels to renewable
energy by educating people about the benefits of electric vehicles and helping them with their
decisions to purchase or lease a vehicle and to get EV chargers;
● Silicon Valley Green Team Network: a volunteer network that provides a venue for employee
sustainability advocates to help increase sustainable behavior at their workplace; ● Public Lecture
Series: a bi-annual series of innovative and motivating lectures that build awareness of emerging
environmental issues and solutions.
● Acterra’s Student Ambassador Program (ASAP) is a low-time commitment program for high school
and college students interested in making a positive impact on the community. This
extracurricular experience allows students to gain communication and leadership skills to take to
college and beyond. Students will play a critical role in promoting environmental bills by making
short public comments at virtual energy committee meetings