Community Workshop (CW)

Community Workshop (CW) is a Vermont-based consulting firm that specializes in bringing creative
engagement, planning, placemaking, and facilitation to towns, organizations and networks across
North America. We help communities get organized, envision bright futures, and make it happen.
We take on interns year-round who are passionate about creating great communities and finding
creative, fun and innovative approaches to working with them. Interns may help with on-the-ground
projects, resource development or capacity building, research and communications.
Please see attached firm profile and project sheets or visit to get a
sense of our work.
As a small shop, our day-to-day work is never the same. In any given week, we might be facilitating
meetings, researching examples of creative placemaking projects, building giant checkerboards, and
developing GIS map layers. We work across North America, from on-the-ground projects in Vermont to
major planning initiatives with First Nations in western Canada. Much of our work can be done from
anywhere, and we have often worked with interns remotely. As a busy team, we do need interns who
are self-starters and independent workers. We’re looking for people who are interested in
experiencing it all, who can dive in and work with limited supervision, and who aren’t afraid of
asking lots of questions.
In 2020, we anticipate several projects where we could use intern assistance. We can take on
interns interested in one particular project, or combine several into a longer experience. We may
have additional opportunities arise, and are happy to talk with potential interns about how to
craft an experience they want.

Main Street to Morey – Fairlee, VT is in the midst of a planning process to identify actions that
will increase the vibrancy of Main Street while improving the local economy, bike/pedestrian
access, and supporting recreation and trails development. The town will host a major demonstration
project in the style of a Better Block project in early summer. In the span of a few days, we’ll
temporarily transform the Main Street and test potential long-term improvements.

• Potential intern activities: assisting with “Better Block” demonstration event in early
summer; might include community organizing, graphic design, communications/outreach, “maker” work
such as painting or light construction, event support, evaluation and data collection,
• Location: Fairlee, VT (3-5 days of work); potential for remote work before and/or after

White River Valley Opportunity Project – CW is helping to launch a cutting-edge, collaborative
planning project in Vermont’s White River Valley. This is a collaborative effort of 8-12 valley
towns to take a comprehensive look at “opportunity”– what opportunities community members want to
have, where these towns are strong in areas like housing, mobility and transportation and economic
development, and how the towns can better collaborate. Beginning this summer, we’ll be looking to
identify and design experimental ways for towns and groups to share resources across a watershed,
from lending libraries and shared facility agreements to resilience hubs and time banking efforts.
• Potential intern activities: community outreach, data analysis and communication, mapping and
GIS, researching/writing case studies, program design
• Location: remote, and/or on the ground in east-central Vermont

Herkimer County Community Development Plan – We’re working on a countywide community development
plan for Herkimer County, NY. This project will seek to engage diverse stakeholders from across the
county in identifying where the county should go and how to get there. By summer, we’ll be
analyzing a first round of community outreach, hosting additional community meetings, and starting
to plan for catalytic demonstration and placemaking projects.
• Potential intern activities: community outreach, data analysis and communication,
researching/writing case studies, program design, interviews
• Location: remote, with possible work or meetings on the ground in Herkimer County, NY

Ongoing Work – We always have the potential to create a project or additional work developing
resources and materials. This might include drafting or researching community planning tools or
case studies, writing blog posts or resources, or designing kits and engagement materials. See
“Good Stuff” on our website or for examples. | [email protected] | 802-379-4474 | [email protected] | 802-379-4474
We are seeking an intern who is responsible, independent, hard-working, and willing to do whatever
needs to get done. Because we are a small shop, we are ideally seeking someone who has a range of
skills and can contribute to several aspects of this growing pilot program.

Specific skills may vary by project or internship focus. In general, we are looking for:
• Excellent writing skills
• Excellent phone, email and general communications skills
• Excellent computer skills, including web, social media and Microsoft Office
• Strong research skills (primarily online; ability to read and summarize info clearly)
• Interest in planning, community building, resilience, and creative approaches
• Creative ideas and the initiative to make suggestions

Other skills are a plus or may be required for specific projects:
• Multimedia experience (editing, production, photography/videography, digital tools)
• Experience with graphic design, marketing or communications
• Experience with website and CMS platforms
• GIS or mapping experience
• Anything else that would contribute!
Email a resume and short letter of interest to Rebecca Sanborn Stone, Principal, at
[email protected] Please tell us which project(s) or types of work are of interest,
any relevant skills or experience, and preferred timing and location for work.
If we feel that you are a fit for a project or longer internship, we’ll contact you to chat by
phone or video conference. We may be able to offer a limited stipend or hourly rate for work on
certain projects, or work with interns who have funding.