Earthwise Aware

I am Claire, the founder of Earthwise Aware. We’re located in the Cambridge, Somerville area (Mass). Anita Brewer-Siljeholm (Williams class of ’98) forwarded me your email regarding internships for your environmental students, as we just published our 2019 internship positions (Internship description and requirements) >
[Summer internship] We’re looking for 2-3 community-minded and an eco-driven intern to learn about, and help our organization advance climate & wildlife conservation citizen sciences in our communities.
The internship is ideal for undergraduates and graduate students preferably studying environmental sciences, ecology, and/or conservation biology.

It’s a great opportunity to contribute to developing and implementing citizen science programs, and assist us in our citizen science surveys and events. Our goal is to have the candidate become an accomplished citizen scientist who is also comfortable in leading events, speaking in public seminars with us. Our interns gain deep ecological knowledge, and invaluable leadership and communication skills. They experience all levels of nonprofit management and gain exposure to local and international organizations and experts in our domain of expertise.

Our page lists the requirements and links to the role description (pdf).
If this kind of internship suits your need for your students, please do not hesitate to share this. And if you have question, do not hesitate to contact me either.
Respectfully, – Claire
Nature Literacy, Ethics & Leadership for All