Environment America

With the new year underway, I’m hoping you can continue to help spread the word about jobs with Environment America to your students.

Specifically, I’m hoping you can post the attached job description to your announcement board and forward it along to students who might be a good fit.

If you know graduating students and others who want to fight to make a difference for the environment, we want to hear from them!

We organize to gain the leverage to take on big challenges and win tangible results for our environment. We start with staff, members and activists across the country. We have 29 state affiliates. We’re online, with a million followers. We get in the media. We build coalitions with other environmentalists as well as other constituencies. We take pride in being strategic and disciplined — and in hiring a team with the grit it takes to get things done.

Right now, we’re looking for smart, talented candidates for our fellowship program or to join our digital campaign team. These are full-time paid positions that start August 2016. More info below. If you know students who would find this kind of work motivating and rewarding, please forward the job description to them. Our spring application deadline is March 1.

Thanks, in advance, for your help!

Marites Velasquez
Recruitment Director for Environment America


Environment America runs campaigns to tackle global warming, stop fracking and protect the places we love. And we’re hiring.

Spring application deadline – March 1
Apply at jobs.environmentamerica.org

Right now, we’re hiring entry-level staff looking to kick start their career in environmental action and advocacy through our fellowship program and for people to help run our digital campaigns.

We take pride in being strategic and disciplined—and in hiring a team with the grit it takes to get things done.

That’s how we approach each of our campaigns, whether we’re defending President Obama’s Clean Power Plan against coal industry attacks or convincing more communities and companies to go solar.

Imagine yourself organizing a town hall meeting on solar power. Or imagine releasing a hard-hitting research report on power plant pollution. Or picture yourself building a community coalition around clean water or fracking. Imagine building the organizational power—the funds, the membership, the activist base and so on—that it takes to keep all of this critical work going for the long haul.

All of this is what you do as an Environment America fellow. Because this is how we build the support it takes to reduce global warming pollution, create more solar and wind power, spare our parks and forests from fracking, keep our beaches, rivers and streams clean, and protect our wildlife and wild places. Is it easy? No, we’re up against some wily opponents who are incredibly well-funded. Is it rewarding? Absolutely. And given global warming, fracking and all of the tough problems we’re facing right now, can you imagine doing anything more urgent and meaningful?

Work with one of our campaign teams to run a powerful digital campaign to help solve global warming, expand solar energy or protect clean water.

You’ll write emails and campaign actions that you’ll send to hundreds of thousands of supporters; design and curate content for social media, and engage with our national community; coordinate with our field team of five to nine campaign organizers, and back them up with emails, web pages and digital strategy; develop partnerships and creative online tactics to build our audience and raise money; analyze the results of your work, and report on successes and failures; and keep your projects on track, hold people accountable to their deliverables, and communicate regularly with your team.


Environment America is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, handicap, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status.