Where:  Butterfield Beef & Berry Farm on North Montpelier Pond in Calais, Vermont

 Who: Paul Hannan (’71) & Cornelia Carey – Owners…and You – our ninth Williams intern

 When: 10 or so weeks this summer – 2019

 How much: $2,500 (adjusted for length of commitment) with charming cabin on pond to live in.

 What:  Butterfield Beef & Berry is the new name for an old farm that we’ve been bringing back into production for, as the name suggests, beef and berries and a variety of other farm and forest products – chickens, eggs, vegetables, firewood, lumber, etc.  It consists of 225 acres – about 35 open and the balance in managed forest – at the dead end of a town road with the farm’s western border being North Montpelier Pond and the Kingsbury Branch of the Winooski River. We farm and garden organically though without the stamp of organic certification.

Job description: “all things farm and forest” including: haying, gardening, rotating pastures, animal care, blueberry care and harvesting, tractor and equipment work, logging and firewood support, trail clearing & building, rough carpentry, invasive species control.  You will leave with a host of practical skills that you won’t likely get at Williams – I didn’t – but which will nicely complement some of the theoretical aspects of sustainable agriculture.

If interested or for more info contact us: 802-454-1074 or [email protected].

Mailing address is:      402 Butterfield Road, Plainfield, VT  05667

You can send a resume if you like and a letter showing a desire to work and to acquire rural skills.  We may come to Williamstown in March so send along your letter of interest soon.

[Contact 2017 intern, Marco Vallejos [email protected] (772.626.0429) if you’d like to hear how his experience was.]