Harvard Forest Summer Research Program for Undergraduates

Explore Harvard’s 4000-acre outdoor laboratory and classroom in Petersham MA.

May 27 to August 9, 2019

11 weeks of mentored research for undergraduates in topics including:
•       Forest Carbon Dynamics in Air & Soils
•       Ecosystem Transformation:  Invasive Species Impacts
•       Advancing Conservation in the CT River Valley
•       Computer Science Solutions for Big Data
•       Remote Sensing of Changing Forest Canopies
•       Tree Ring Analysis: Telling Climate Stories
$5775 stipend plus excellent room and board

Apply online by strict deadline of 2/1/19 at:

•       The Harvard Forest Summer Program is open to undergraduates or recently graduated students from all institutions.
•       Significant past experience in ecological research is NOT required – only an enthusiasm to learn.
•       Some projects might require students to have completed coursework in ecology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, or statistics.
•       Most positions are for US Citizens or Resident Aliens. See FAQ for details.