Horticulture Intern

Horticulture Intern
Summer 2018
Rose kennedy Greenway Conservancy
The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy is currently seeking a highly motivated and reliable
individual for a full-time summer position as a Horticulture Intern. This is an opportunity to
become a member of our award winning Horticulture staff responsible for the care of Boston’s
only 100% organically maintained public park.
The primary role of the Horticulture Intern is to assist with all responsibilities involved with the
Horticultural maintenance and care of the Greenway Parks. This requires the ability to recognize
and perform best horticultural practices including pruning and cultivation techniques for a wide
variety of plant material in an urban park setting. Plantings consist of new garden varieties, native
Northeastern plants, trimmed Boxwood hedges, bamboo, deciduous and evergreen trees and
shrubs, turf, bulbs and seasonal container displays.
In addition to helping with the physical care of the Greenway’s horticulture, past Summer Interns
have also assisted with interesting, important Horticulture projects, including:
● Data input for our Parkwide tree collection
● Landscape design
● Contributing input towards our Phenology Program
● Landscape photo inventory
● Beneficial insect research
● Adhere to an organic landscape maintenance program established by the Conservancy
that requires a basic understanding of soil and plant biology concepts.
● Comprehend and effectively perform assigned tasks such as weeding, pruning,
deadheading, watering, and plant installation.
● Demonstrate a knowledge of plant identification.
● Operate and maintain tools and equipment in a safe and proper manner.
● Assist with Horticultural volunteer events.
● Participate in staff meetings designed to establish goals, priorities and effective
● Represent the Conservancy’s interests to the public and outside organizations in a
professional manner.
● Perform other assigned duties as they relate to the operation and care of the parks.
Skills and Qualifications:
● Ability to work in an effective, productive, and safe manner.
● Strong attention to detail in all aspects of job performance.
● Willingness to learn and advance one’s skill sets.
● Strong interpersonal skills that can contribute to a positive team environment.
● Commitment to contributing to a positive public experience, with concern for the
environment and people’s relationship to it.
● Must be able to work outside in all types of weather, kneel or stand for periods of time
and be able to lift 50 pounds.
● Familiarity with Boston and the Greenway is a plus.
● The Horticulture Intern will report to the Director of Horticulture, who reports to the
Executive Director (Williams ‘97 graduate).
● This is a volunteer position. Applicants are encouraged to seek funding through William’s
College sources (e.g., CES).
● The position duration is 10 weeks, beginning approximately mid-June.
● Work hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30am – 3:30pm.
● Work will be split between hands on support of the Hort department in the field as well
assisting with department functions in an office environment.
● Through project collaboration, social events, and lectures, the intern will interact with the
Conservancy staff and other interns.
● A car is not needed. Housing is not included.
How to Apply:
● Please send the following: (a) one page cover letter, (b) resume’ and (c) the names and
contact information of three references by e-mail to:
[email protected] with “Horticulture Intern/Williams College” in the subject
● For the best chance of being offered the internship, applicants should apply as soon as
About the Greenway and the Conservancy:
The Rose Kennedy Greenway, a roof garden atop a highway tunnel, is a contemporary public
park in the heart of Boston. The non-profit Greenway Conservancy maintains, programs, finances,
and improves the 1.5-mile Greenway on behalf of the public. The Greenway welcomes 1.4 million
trackable visitors annually for The Greenway Carousel, events, Wi-Fi, beer garden, and Mobile
Eats food trucks, plus millions more visitors who enjoyed the fountains, plazas, and gardens. The
Conservancy has won numerous awards, including for our organic landscape care and park
RFKGC is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate in employment opportunities
or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age, disability,
military or veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity or expression
(including transgender) or any other characteristic protected by law.