Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology, located in Baltimore

Summer 2019 research opportunity in molecular biology of marine invertebrates

Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology on the Inner Harbor in Baltimore
701 East Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202

There is an opportunity for a highly motivated undergraduate student to contribute to
invertebrate ecology research in the laboratory of Dr. Eric Schott. June- August, 2019.
Research in the Schott lab focuses on two related fields of study:
The first field of study is directed towards
understanding the health and disease of aquatic
invertebrates, particularly the discovery and
tracking of pathogens in the blue crab and other
The current focus is on a virus that is
pathogenic to the blue crab, occurs widely across
north and south America, and is associated with
mortality of crabs in aquaculture. Some of the
most interesting questions about this virus have
to do with how it spreads through crab
populations and whether it has a significant
impact on the blue crab fishery, which is one of
the most valuable fisheries in the US.
The second area of study is the biodiversity
and ecology of urban tidal waters. This includes
projects that links IMET’s strength in
bioinformatics and genome-targeted research
with numerous researchers and stakeholders.
One current project in this area is the DNA
barcoding of sessile invertebrates and plankton
in Baltimore Harbor, and investigation of
whether floating islands change the local
biodiversity. Another project uses DNA–
targeted methods to detect bacteria associated
with sewage and other sources of contamination.
More information about IMET internships
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