International Environmental Opportunities

 International Environmental Opportunities

Have you always wanted to apply your skills in other countries? We need you!

The organization is both very scientific and practical.
Help with feasibility studies, installation & educating Nepali’s how renewable energy works.
They would like Environmental Studies students & graduates who can research
successful renewable energy projects all over world and how those can be adapted to Nepal.

Asian mega-cities present their own set of environmental challenges.
Work with one of the most fascinating – one the most esteemed & comprehensive environmental organizations in Asia addressing environmental research, public education and impacting policy and public behaviour in air, water & waste water, habitat, waste, industry, energy, governance, climate change and food & toxins.
This environmental power house is a great place to get experience
in the lab, in the field, in environmental journalism, or environmental activism and policy making.

The state of Kerala was hammered with heavy flooding in the last two years heightening awareness of the climate crisis.
Our Gandhian school and community has launched new environmental initiatives which they would like your help with:
India produces 26,000 tons of plastic waste a day so help raise awareness & collect & recycle wastes; promote and install  fuel efficient stoves vs burning wood; help rural householders with rain water harvesting. Come help!

This dynamic organization is doing cutting edge work in public education and action campaigns.
If you are both passionate & knowledgeable about climate change, this is a great fit.
They also do creative interventions to help citizens realize the many beliefs and behaviors they can change:
about transportation choices, trash, plastics (or more sustainable materials), about painting their roof white to reflect heat.

The same dynamite organization is doing equally important work to stop the illegal wildlife trade.
In 2014, 100,000 elephants were killed in just 3 years. In 2017, 1,000 rhino were poached in South Africa. Indonesia is losing up to 10,000 pangolins a year to poachers. Come help make a difference!
Help prepare content for public education presentations; or write; or strategize & design direct actions.
Helpful if you can speak Vietnamese but we’ve got your back if you can’t.

Vibrant & ground-breaking organization works on renewable energy, climate change. reducing waste (esp plastics that are killing the whales!), and works with schools, churches and businesses to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. The Caribbean has experience devastating hurricanes so has experienced the impact of climate change. As islands, they are running out of landfill space so know the need to recycle or reduce waste. Likewise, it is expensive to import fuel so they know the need for renewable energy. They look for volunteers with a particular attitude: i.e. willing to do anything that needs to be done. e.g. doing immense research so you can do lessons plans & present environmental training in schools…. exciting outreach work with schools, churches & businesses on how to implement more environmentally friendly practices…. getting your hands dirty in demonstration garden…. working in the recycling center… or training about renewable energy. Because of the breadth & depth of what they do …their sophisticated strategies, this is an ideal placement for people that want to make a difference!

WATER: Middle East
Water is a very precious commodity in the Middle East so a very good place to learn about it.
This is an opportunity to get excellent experience with a team that is both scholarly (PhDs) and practical to:
decrease pollution of water; increase water supply; rehabilitate springs; harvest rain water; recycle water;
use gray water for irrigation; improve/ upgrade pipes; do research; and do environmental assessments. Come help!

NEPAL: Teaching about Environment at primary school
While Environmental studies and activities have gotten quite sophisticated and scientific in some countries over decades;
in other countries, environmental thinking is just beginning to gain a foothold.
Come teach primary students in Nepal: e.g. ecology = how nature is inter-connected; animals & plants… how we must take care of earth – no garbage -> recycling…planting trees… monsoons & flooding… Nepal’s sun ->solar. Other ideas?
You can design the curriculum and the ways to engage and make this vivid to the students.

Please read NGOabroad website
and BRIEFLY answer Questionnaire
and embed with your resume in the body of an email to:
[email protected]

These are volunteer opportunities.
Students & seasoned professionals needed.
Applications accepted on a rolling basis.
Usually you can determine start date & duration of service.

Apply soon!
It is smart to finish application process by March so you have time to prepare to go to another country.

Our volunteer programs do not just run in June, July & August – that is simply when the most people can go.
Except primary & secondary schools that have school schedules to adhere to, most of our programs run year round.