Letterbox Farm internships

Farm Internship Program
Letterbox Farm is a diversified commercial farm in Hudson, NY. We raise vegetables, herbs, flowers, pork,
chicken, eggs, and rabbit using best practices in animal welfare and organic management. We distribute our
goods through farmers markets, a full-diet CSA, farm store, and through a marketing cooperative. We are part of
a strong Hudson Valley agricultural community, neighboring many start-up farms and farm advocates. Outside
the work day, we are community organizers, researchers and farm educators. We are located less than two miles
from Hudson, a vibrant river town home to 7,000 diverse residents and a burgeoning new economy based on
food, arts and culture.
Letterbox Farm has two full-time internship positions available, to join our tight-knit 7-person team. Internships
are focused on vegetable production in our 2 ½ acre intensive market garden, integrated within our diversified
operation. Interns will receive:
● Mentorship by our dedicated and experienced farmers in a fun and supportive work environment
● A thorough overview of our whole farm’s systems, tools and practices
● Formal training on vegetable and maintenance tools and equipment
● Dedicated weekly “classroom” sessions to discuss farm concepts and build management skills
● A personalized skill development plan, developed together at the start of the season and reviewed at the
end of the internship.
Full-time internships are designed to give a full immersion experience into the workflows, systems and processes
on the farm. Interns will work alongside our 4-person garden team in producing and harvesting vegetables,
greens, herbs, and flowers.
● Participating in 3 harvest days per week (15-20 hours)
● Performing all tasks related to vegetable production: Operating walk-behind tractor, transplanting by
hand and with paper pot transplanter, hand cultivation, irrigation, greenhouse seeding and watering,
crop care and pest prevention practices (20-25 hours)
● Assist on livestock and whole farm maintenance projects as need and interest arises
● Assist in pack-out and sales in our various outlets: wholesale, CSA, farm store and markets
● Full-time interns will practice management skills such as crew leading and entering crop records.
Internships run 12 weeks from early June to late August. This position is stipended at $200/week. Housing and
transportation are not provided.
To apply, send a resume and letter of interest to [email protected]