Mass Audubon

Mass Audubon is the largest conservation organization in New England, and Wellfleet Bay is one of the largest and most research-oriented sanctuaries in the state. An intern would have opportunities to assist with both field work and data analysis for a number of ongoing research projects including a study of horseshoe crab populations, monitoring and protecting nesting diamondback terrapins and other turtles, monitoring rare and protected shorebirds and seabirds, management of rare plant communities and pollinator gardens, and a citizen science project to monitor nesting Ospreys on Cape Cod. There are opportunities for both field work and computer work, I.e. database programming and GIS work, as well as independent study.  The intern will help us to achieve the research and ecological management goals in Mass Audubon’s most recent Action Agenda, allowing us to better protect threatened wildlife on Cape Cod from the effects of development and climate change, answer questions using the data we collect every day on these species and their habitats, and better manage the rare plant communities on the sanctuary for the benefit of rare birds, rare plants, threatened turtles, and our visitors.