Natural Resource Management Intern

Natural Resource Management Intern
The Trustees is the oldest land trust in the world, founded in 1891. Dedicated to
preserving for public use exceptional natural and historical properties throughout
Massachusetts, we have over 115 “reservations,” on more than 26,000 acres, visited by more
than two million people annually. With more than 100,000 members, our remarkable
properties range from meadows to mountains, farms to forests, to world-class beaches, and
including five National Historic Landmarks, five community-supported agriculture programs, 72
archaeology sites, a model archives center, and 54 historic buildings.
Together with our neighbors we preserve the distinct character of our community and
inspire a commitment to special places across the commonwealth. We envision a
Commonwealth that is thriving as a result of people’s commitment to creating healthy, active,
and green communities. Our passion is to share with everyone the irreplaceable landscapes
and landmarks that we care for – as we know how valuable they are to our everyday life.
Currently, we own and manage 4 spectacular properties in the Pioneer Valley (Dinosaur
Footprints, Little Tom Mountain, Land of Providence and Mount Warner) and 4 in the Hilltowns
(Petticoat Hill, Bullitt, Chapel Brook, and Bear Swamp). More info at:
Further your studies and learning path at the same time that you assist the West
Management Unit Superintendent with the varied job of managing eleven properties in the
unit. A wide variety of special projects, research, and hands-on experience is possible, including
property maintenance, volunteer management event outreach, photo documenting, social
networking, photo and video management. Help people discover these special places and
foster local land conservation efforts while you “learn by doing” to gain a deeper understanding
of field operations at the cutting edge of land trust work. You will acquire marketable job skills
for the natural resources field and complete measurably valuable projects.
Typical responsibilities of the Intern will vary depending on current needs and the
intern’s interests, skills, experience and abilities, but will be similar to tasks listed below.
FIELD / SHOP (~90%) Bullitt Reservation (332 Bullitt Road, Ashfield, MA
• Visit properties with the Superintendent and assist with maintenance duties such as:
o Maintenance of property grounds, and onsite cultural, and natural resources
 Cleaning, painting, minor carpentry
o Trail maintenance, litter pickup, mowing paths, raking leaves, graffiti removal
o Literature re-stocking and educational materials development.
o Brush and invasive plant trimming, and control; Hazard tree felling and removal
o Weeding, planting, and watering
• Projects: sign installation, trail building, painting, carpentry, rockwork, etc.
• Organize and maintain tools and equipment in the storage area, shop, and in vehicles.
• Serve as a Property Ambassador: welcoming visitors, soliciting memberships,
responding to visitor questions, promoting awareness of regulations.
OFFICE (~10%) 100 Main Street, Florence MA 01062
• Help with outreach efforts to partners and volunteers (incl. recordkeeping/data entry).
• Basic research: information for property management plans, web listings, etc.
• Social media promotion and management.
• Must be able to handle the physical demands of the job, which includes a level of
physical fitness adequate to enable them to, for example:
o Lift 80 lbs. to waist height and maintain 5 lbs. over shoulder height for 5 minutes;
o Work outdoors for 4-6 hours on their feet in a variety of weather conditions
o To safely handle shovels, rakes, pruners, handsaws, hammers and other tools
• Transportation to begin work at the office, shop and/or field location each day.
• Commitment to remain in regular communication with internship supervisor regarding
scheduling, work planning and the like. A smartphone is not required, but is helpful.
• Training in natural resource management routine and project-based work.
• Specific training and experience in tools and equipment used in field operations.
• Increased skill at managing and coordinating other volunteers.
• Augment familiarity with local natural areas.
• Exposure to a leading conservation organization: an on-the-inside look at operations.
• Improved time management, work planning and event management.
• Develop community contacts, supplementing your local contacts.
• You will likely perform tasks pertaining to the following careers (partial list):
o Painter
o Carpenter
o Landscaper
o Arborist
o Park Ranger
o Mechanic
o Photographer
o Roofer
Josh Knox, Superintendent: West Management Unit | 413.522.5770 | [email protected]