Oak Restoration Internship

Oak Restoration Internship
The mission of the American River Parkway Foundation Internship program is to work with ARPF staff to
support the preservation and enjoyment of the American River Parkway by fostering environmental
education, stewardship and volunteer opportunities.
– Background/interest in environmental science or natural resources
– Must be able to lift 25lbs
– Must be able to work independently
– Must be comfortable working outdoors in all conditions
– Must be able to dedicate 10-20 hours per week
The oak restoration intern will assist ARPF staff in the management, research, and data collection for
oak restoration on the American River Parkway. Work will take place between River Bend Park and the
Upper Sunrise Access on specified restoration sites. Work will be completed >75% outdoors. The oak
restoration intern will take part in the following tasks under the direction of ARPF staff.
Record and manage data:
– Create native tree/shrub census on all restoration sites
– Record presence and absence of all major species within each restoration plot
– Photo document successful growth of native plants within plots
– Calculate carbon sequestration potential over time
– Input and organize all data into excel databases on the ARPF network
Assist with volunteer events:
– Assist ARPF staff with planting, maintenance, and weeding volunteer events
– Set up and lead a self-organized volunteer event
Report generation:
– Calculate the carbon sequestration potential of each plot over time
– Provide suggestions for changes within each restoration plot in relation to:
o Species composition
o Size of plot
– Present findings to local stakeholder groups and or ARPF board of directors


The American River Parkway Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 1983 to foster volunteer opportunities and environmental stewardship along the 23-mile long, 4800-acre American River Parkway in Sacramento, CA. The Parkway Foundation engages thousands of volunteers each year through parkway clean-ups, invasive plant removal and adopting native trees among other activities. Each year, the Parkway hosts 8 million users and generates 365 million dollars in goods and services for the region. Users enjoy cycling, running, paddling, fishing and many other recreational and education activities.

We have internship availabilities in Wildfire Restoration, Oak Grove Restoration and establishing a social campaign. Please let me know what I can do to progress this!

Thanks so much,

Jordan Powell
Volunteer Coordinator
American River Parkway Foundation
(916) 486-2773

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